RNC Chair: Newsom’s Vote By Mail Order Is An ‘Absolute brazen power grab’

Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel took California’s Governor Gavin Newsom to task on Tuesday, telling “Fox & Friends” that his move to institute statewide mail-in voting in November, 2020 is an “absolute brazen power grab” that “will inject chaos” into their election. The RNC and other Republican groups are now taking legal action against California after filing a lawsuit against the state on Monday.

“It’s an absolute brazen power grab,” McDaniel said. “And beyond that, it will inject chaos into the election process in California. So what he’s talking about is just sending ballots directly to registered voters.”

She added, “In LA County, alone, there are 1.5 million more registered voters than there are adults in the state because California never cleans up their voter rolls. So there will be ballots littering the street. And if you don’t believe me, look at what’s happening in Nevada.”

Earlier this month, the RNC launched “ProtectTheVote.com” to target states like California in the party’s fight against election fraud and to restore election integrity amid the coronavirus pandemic.