House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said the Democratic opposition memo did not change the facts or change the outcome of the investigation’s finding his committee released in their own partisan memo several weeks ago.

On Saturday the much anticipated Democratic memo written by ranking minority member of the committee Rep. Adam Schiff, D-CA, was released and surmised that former British spy “Christopher Steele’s raw intelligence reporting did not inform the FBI’s decision to initiate its counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016” among other assertions. The dossier played a significant role in the investigation into President Trump’s 2016 campaign and alleged that members of the Trump campaign were colluding with the Russian government against then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“The American people now clearly understand that the FBI used political dirt paid for by the Democratic Party to spy on an American citizen from the Republican Party”


Nunes, R-CA, fought back Saturday against Schiff. Nunes said the Democratic memo did not dispel the original findings of the committee, which he noted were also validated by an investigation headed by the Senate Judiciary Committee into Steele and his role in providing the FBI with the unverified dossier. Senate Judiciary Chairman Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Senator Lindsey Graham, R-SC, made a criminal referral to the Department of Justice last month and released their findings after receiving approval from the FBI.

“The American people now clearly understand that the FBI used political dirt paid for by the Democratic Party to spy on an American citizen from the Republican Party,” said Nunes in a statement released Saturday. “Furthermore, the FISA court was misled about Mr. Page’s past interactions with the FBI in which he helped build a case against Russian operatives in America who were brought to justice,” said Nunes, in a statement.”

“It defies belief that the Department of Justice and FBI failed to provide information to a secret court that they had provided to an open federal court regarding their past interactions with Mr. Page, ” Nunes said.

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

Carter Page told this reporter Saturday that the accusations made against him in the Democratic memo will backfire and he is requesting that all his FISA applications be made public.

He said the “latest smear campaign by DNC loyalists is going to turn out the same way as their original multimillion-dollar attack of 2016.”

“As we’ve seen many times before with the felonious news leaks of the past year, this new round of misinformation surrounding efforts by Washington to illegally influence the 2016 election inflicts even more damages on the instigating perpetrators from the swamp,” he said. “Today’s memo further underscores the critical importance of the immediate disclosure of all my FISA applications and other relevant documents.

The documents have also been requested by the House Intelligence Committee, both Congressional Judiciary Committees, Judicial Watch, the New York Times and Yale Law School, he added.

But Schiff and the Democrats argued that Nunes’ committee left out crucial information in the memo they released last month on their investigation. Schiff argued that the FBI did reveal to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that the dossier was possibly connected to the political opposition.

However, in a point by point rebuttal of Schiff’s memo, Republican’s point out that it was not the case. But rather, the FBI obscured the fact that the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee actually began funding Steele through the Fusion GPS research firm beginning in April 2016.

“The Republican statement went on to say that the footnote obscures, rather than clarifies Steele’s political motivation”


“As clearly stated in the GOP memo, none of the Page FISA applications “disclose or reference the role of the DNC, Clinton campaign, or any party/campaign in funding Steele’s efforts,” stated a  point by point document released Saturday from the Republican committee members. “Instead, the FISA application relies on a convoluted statement buried in a footnote. This is clearly an attempt to avoid informing the Court, in a straightforward manner that the DNC and Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. (Taking a cue from DOJ and FBI, the Democrat memo omits any reference to the DNC or Clinton campaign.)”

The Republican statement went on to say that the “footnote obscures, rather than clarifies Steele’s political motivation — and what DOJ and FBI officials actually knew about the dossier’s political origins. The footnote “speculates” on the “likely” motivation of “U.S. Person”

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Republican Response Point-By-Point:

Democrats: Christopher Steele’s raw intelligence reporting did not inform the FBI’s decision to initiate its counterintelligence investigation in late July 2016.

Republicans: As stated in the declassified GOP memo on FISA abuse, information about Trump campaign advisor George Papadopoulos “triggered the opening of an FBI counterintelligence investigation in the late July 2016 by FBI agent Peter Strzok.” Once underway, the investigation was fueled by Christopher Steele’s dossier, which the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) used to get a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on Carter Page. DOJ and FBI’s reliance on the DNC – and Clinton – campaign funded dossier in court filings, not the overall investigation, is the focus of the GOP memo.

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Democrats: DOJ’s FISA warrant application was based on “compelling evidence” and “probable cause” of Page’s pre-campaign activities.

Republicans: The Democrat memo fails to explain why, if evidence of Page’s past activities was so compelling, the Steele dossier was used in the FISA application at all, much less formed the “bulk” of the Page FISA application.

The Democrat memo also fails to explain why, if DOJ and FBI had “probable cause” that Page was a Russian agent, they waited until shortly after receiving the Steele dossier to seek a warrant. (As noted on page 3 of the Democrat memo, the dossier “reach[ed] the[ed]nterintelligence team investigating Russia at FBI headquarters” in “mid – September 2016,” just a few weeks before the initial FISA application.)

Committe Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

Committe Chairman Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)

Additionally, the Democrat memo — like the FISA application itself — paints an incomplete and misleading picture of Page’s past activities and interactions with the FBI. Both omit that, in a secretly – taped statement reproduced in a 2015 federal court filing, a Russian intelligence officer called Page “an idiot.” This omission could mislead the reader regarding the Russians’ assessment of Page’s capabilities and utility, and it is troubling that DOJ failed to provide to a secret court material information from a public court filing.

By participating in voluntary interviews with FBI, Page cooperated with the successful prosecution of the Russian intelligence officer who called him “an idiot” — and two of his colleagues.

[divider[divider style=”dashed” top=”20" bottom=”20"]Democrats: A specific subsection of the Page FISA application refers to Steele’s reporting on Page and his alleged coordination with Russian officials.

Republicans:  As confirmed by Senators Grassley and Graham’s criminal referral of Steele, the dossier formed “a significant portion ” of the Carter Page FISA application.

[divider sty[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]ong>Democrats: DOJ provided additional information obtained through multiple independent sources that corroborated Steele’s reporting.

Republicans: At the time of the initial application, all of the Steele dossier’s specific claims about Page — including that he met with Igor Sechin and Igor Diveykin in Moscow in July 2016 — were uncorroborated by any independent source, and they remain unconfirmed.

Democrats: DOJ provided the Court with “more than sufficient information to understand the political context of Steele’s research.” 

Republicans: As clearly stated in the GOP memo, none of the Page FISA applications “disclose or reference the role of the DNC, Clinton campaign, or any party/campaign in funding Steele’s efforts.”

Instead, the FISA application relies on a convoluted statement buried in a footnote. This is clearly an attempt to avoid informing the Court, in a straightforward manner that the DNC and Clinton campaign paid for the dossier. (Taking a cue from DOJ and FBI, the Democrat memo omits any reference to the DNC or Clinton campaign.)

Moreover, the footnote obscures, rather than clarifies Steele’s political motivation — and what DOJ and FBI officials actually knew about the dossier’s political origins. The footnote “speculates” on the “likely” motivation of “U.S. Person” — Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson — while intimating that “Source #1” — Steele — was unaware “as to the motivation behind the research.” In fact, as disclosed in the GOP memo and confirmed by the Graham – Grassley referral, Steele was motivated by a “desperate” desire to keep Donald Trump from becoming President.

[divider style=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]Democrats: DOJ explained the FBI’s reasonable basis for finding Steele credible

Republicans: FBI’s reliance on Steele’s credibility was badly misplaced. Steele violated FBI’s trust by making unauthorized disclosures to the media in October 2016, resulting in his termination as an FBI source.

Moreover, as explained in Senators Graham and Grassley’s declassified criminal referral of Steele, he “told the FBI he had not shared the Carter Page dossier information beyond his client [Glenn Simpson] and [Glenn Simpson] “repeated that claim to the FISC” — four times. In reality, in September 2016 — before the initial FISA application — Steele had personally shared dossier information with:

  • Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News, which published a September 2016 article on Page using Steele’s information (as now publicly confirmed by Isikoff);
  • At least four other U.S. media outlets (confirmed in Steele’s May 2017 U.K. court filing, which was made before — but not disclosed in the June 2017 FISA renewal);
  • Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, whose wife was employed by Fusion GPS to conduct opposition research on Trump (as described in the GOP memo);
  • A senior State Department official, Jonathan Winer (publicly confirmed by Winer in a Washington Post op-ed);
  • Perkins Coie, the law firm for DNC and the Clinton campaign (as described in the GOP memo).

Finally, notwithstanding FBI’s confidence in Steele, at the time of the initial FISA application, the agency had virtually no visibility into the credibility of Steele’s sub-sources and sub – sub-sources who originated the dossier’s allegations.

[divider style=”so[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]crats: The GOP memo does not cite evidence that Steele disclosed to Yahoo News details included in the FISA warrant. 

Republicans:  As noted in the Democrat memo, both the initial FISA application and the Steele dossier include the allegation from Steele that Carter Page met with two specific Russians, Igor Sechin, and Igor Diveykin, in July 2016. A September 2016 article by Michael Isikoff of Yahoo News contains the exact same allegation, attributed to a “well – placed Western intelligence source.” Steele has admitted to meeting with Yahoo News in September 2016, and Isikoff has publicly confirmed that Steele was a source for the article. 

[divider style=”solid[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]s: DOJ never paid Steele for the “dossier”

Republicans: As clearly stated in the GOP memo, FBI authorized payment to Steele for the dossier information — before he was terminated as an FBI source for making unauthorized disclosures to the media. This financial motivation was not disclosed to the Court.

[divider style=”solid” t[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]strong> The GOP memo’s reference to Bruce Ohr is misleading.

Republicans:  Steele’s desperation to keep Donald Trump from becoming President — described in the GOP memo and confirmed by the Graham – Grassley referral — was known to senior DOJ official Bruce Ohr before the initial FISA application, and known to FBI before any of the renewals. (The summary of Ohr’s first interview with FBI about Steele is dated November 22, 2016.)

Remarkably, neither Steele’s bias, nor Ohr’s relationship with Steele or the FBI, nor the fact that Ohr’s wife worked for Fusion GPS on its DNC – and Clinton campaign – funded Trump research, was disclosed to the Court in any of the FISA applications.

[divider style=”solid” top=[divider style=”solid” top=”20" bottom=”20"]ng> Peter Strzok and Lisa Page’s text messages are irrelevant to the FISA application.

Republicans: Strzok opened the counterintelligence investigation of which the Carter Page FISA application was a part. Additionally, both Strzok and Lisa Page were members of the team conducting the investigation, which page 3 of the Democrat memo itself describes as “so closely held.” Especially given the small size of the team, the apparent bias of the investigators displayed in Strzok – Page text messages is highly relevant to an analysis of the investigation, including the controversial decision to seek a FISA war.

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  1. A sincere thank you from me too, Sara A Carter. Please also give a shout out to John Solomon. Thank you, Bill Willey

  2. Can you please write an article on the 5th amendment (double jeopardy), Carter Page and the information used to investigate him after being previously acquitted ? If Carter Page was previously acquitted, what was the new and compelling evidence used to investigate Carter Page for nearly a year ? Is that evidence justified ? Thank you for all of your reporting !

    (You are a patriot)

  3. Sara,
    You seem to be connected. The Republicans and the White House have to drive home 3 points. Clarify and repeat!
    1. There was illegal spying and querying done for years by the obama administration . Hillary was already busy spying on trump in 2015 & 2016 ( without a warrant) when mike Rogers shut them down and reported abuses to the FISC. FISC wrote a scathing review of the obama illegal practices. This report was declassified and ignored by the MSM. It’s not up for interpretation by Adam Schiff Highlight the conclusions. The dossier was cover for the illegal spying. You can bet that two of the redacted names of the independent contractors in the report were FGPS and Crowdstrike.
    2. Explain the differences in various sections of FISA. The Title 1 warrant claims that carter page was a foreign agent. Why is he still walking around? Explain how Title 1 allows you to go backwards and scoop up anything in the past. Explain the 2 hops
    3. Stop allowing the dems to conflate the different sets of emails
    -Hillary is the ONLY SoS to have a private, illegal, unsecured server that she illegally put classified information on. No one has ever done this. She did it to skirt FOIA requests and to enrich her foundation using her position. EVERYONE hacked into that email system, harming our national security.
    -the DNC/Podesta emails were an insider leak to Wikileaks, NOT a hack. These were damaging to Hillary and the reason they had to come up with the phony Russian story. How come they didn’t let the FBI inspect those servers? If hillarys emails were hacked as claimed, NSA would know it. They would see large amounts of data leaving the system. They have never said this. I’m not even going to start with Assange and Seth rich. Rumor has it that Brennan was already spying on the DNC server to find the leaker before he gave the servers to Crowdstrike.
    -the phony Guccifer 2.0 emails conjured up by Crowdstrike to give Hillary Russia cover

  4. Thank you, Sara! You are doing a tremendous job keeping us informed. Adam Schiff states that he and other Democratic members read over the FISA Application and subsequent applications of Carter Page. When? I heard in a recent interview that only three members were allowed to view it in a closed room…not notes…no pictures. Adam Schiff was not one of the three people. When was it released to Adam Schiff? When will it me released for the American People to read as that is the ONLY way we can see what is actually footnoted. How much of the Dossier was used (although Grassley and Graham both concur that it was relied on heavily to get the warrant to spy on Carter Page) I believe Trey Gowdy, David Nunes, Senator Graham and Grassley…but the raw data will put this matter to rest. Keep up the good work, Sara!

  5. Please keep the heat on Congress and AG to fully investigate the FBI and DOJ, Hillary and DNC on the illegal FISA warrant. Also need FULL investigation and special counsel appointed for Uranium One.

  6. In tweeter, my friends and I try to enlighten the Iranian people by translating your work and other independent sources. Unfortunately, fake News has misrepresented American policy and Pres. Trump in Iranian public opinion. Thank you for your excellent work.

  7. Hi Sara,
    The democrat memo first point is that the FBI did not get Steele’s info until much later than starting their investigation in mid July yet fusion ceo testified Steele reported to the FBI initially the first week of July However Page had yet to speak in Russia at that time so possibly the inclusion of that info wasn’t until later. Just a curious time line point.

  8. So if Page is a “bad actor” as the Dem’s claim and is the basis for the surveillance, why isn’t he in jail?
    And if he a “good guy” in the service of the FBI, that negates the rationale for the FISA warrant! You can’t have it both way!!! Great job Sara!

  9. Thank you, Sara
    I always count on your analysis to shed more light on this crazy situation. Keep up the great work-it actually seems as though the deep state bad actors might have painted themselves into a corner and the light is getting closer, thanks to patriots like you!

  10. My concern is that Adam Schiff’s subterfuge and misdirection will cause law makers and Justice officials to ignore the elephant in the room, which are the felonies committed by the Clinton and Obama teams, including FBI, CIA and DOJ senior leadership. The assertion by many Swamp creatures is that this is all noise by the GOP leadership such as Nunes, misses the point that if it were not for them, and a few intrepid reporters like Sara Carter, this would all have been swept under the rug. THAT was the original intention.

    Americans need to wake up and hold leaders criminally liable. Letting this go is just another step on the path to the destruction of America as a great country. Democracy has been usurped by the Swamp and we want it BACK!

  11. Note that the Democrat points/lies are each made in one short sentence, whereas the Republican answers are paragraphs long. Evil Party. Stupid Party.

  12. The proverbial “mountain out of a mole hill” is being built right before the American people’s eyes. There was no crime to investigate before Mueller was appointed special prosecutor but he’s manufactured plenty of them with the aim of getting up to the President of the United States. Comey’s stated goal was to get a special prosecutor appointed out of seething hate for Donald Trump because, in his warped reality, he knew that Trump lied about everything and was not worthy of the highest office in the land.

  13. For a year the left progressive socialist liberal democrats scream hateful rhetoric and now? crickets. Now, Democrates switch Crisis to eroding our right to bear arms, protecting ourselves from predators. Democrates feel they can literally do or say whatever without repercussions or ramifications, ever! Why aren’t they ( obama, Clinton Cartel, and all who had a smidgen of knowledge) waiting in Prison, awaiting trial by Average joe American in the jury box?
    You and I (Average joe American) would have been shackled and thrown in prison long ago!

  14. Once again it’s Sara to the fore with brilliance.

    Next time you see Mr. Hannity, how about smacking him upside the head for missing the best part of the POTUS speech at CPAC. His show Friday night covered the speech, while leaving out the very best part of Mr. Trump’s talk as he spoke of his meetings after the Florida shooting. You could hear a pin drop in the hushed audience; I don’t recall ever sensing so much compassion and empathy from any other politician as I heard from Mr. Trump Friday morning … and that is why he won the elction, because he’s genuine and people can tell without any focus group direction.

  15. I agree 100 percent. They are focusing on few flies when the turds are what is causing the smell. What Hillary, Obama, DNC and many more did was far worse than Watergate. The mainstream media has given turned from WATCHDOG to lapdog and it is a propaganda machine. I have never seen so much blind allegiance, disregarding the truth. I also agree that many RINO’s are willing to put up with the smell, to keep the swamp going and growing.

  16. Sara: Can FISA warrant to wiretap Page be expanded to wiretap anyone he talks to (beyond conversations with Page) for all that persons conversations, then further go wiretap anything the third person does?

    I.E. How far can the FBI take the warrant? How many people can they wiretap.?

  17. Sara Carter should be appointed as the second special prosecutor. John Solomon should be her deputy assistant. Can you imagine these two with a big budget and full subpoena power? Heck, they’ve already don’t the heavy lifting.
    I’m dead serious about this. A Ken Starr or Bob Mueller type selection would just guarantee another white washing with no justice.

  18. First sentence of 2nd paragraph – On Saturday the much anticipated Democratic memo written by ranking minority member of the committee Rep. Adam Schiff, R-CA…
    Is that correct, “R-CA”?

  19. Thanks Sara! Love your work, you really seem to enjoy it and shows in the quality. This Country owes you big, for all the digging you’ve done to expose the rats.

  20. Q for Nunez.
    Have you taken testimony from the FISC? Not sure if it’s one judge or a panel (should be a panel) but either the judge is reading all this and is livid that he got rolled, or the judge was winking right along with McCabe and Strzok and crew. Should be transcripts if the judge says he wasn’t misinformed. If all the Nunez memo stuff is clear and true, then the judge should be slapping down some FISA applicants with contempt charges.

    Get on it Sara! We can spend another year arguing about whether FISA was abused or not… or just talk to the judge.
    Sidenote: Brilliant work. Can’t figure out why the few real journalists are women. At least the few true investigative journalists that still have any credibility… all women.

  21. Women are extremely detail oriented. They thrive on facts. And they are not about to let go of a story until they get the “whole” story. Sara Carter is totally in her element! Good work, Sara.

  22. It’s laughable that you are still crying about Hillary – a woman who hasn’t worked in our government in over five years. But keep crying. Your pvssy grabbing deranged ‘president’ who sided with Russia the whole time instead of OUR country is hated by most Americans and rightfully so. Mueller is going to find money laundering on Trump. He will be indicted for that alone. It will be Trump’s ‘blue dress’ – only the blue dress isn’t a crime, but money laundering is.

  23. Sara’s entire fake scandal blew up in her face yesterday. And Nunes is a complete idiot and liar.

    FBI clearly told the judge that some of the information it was using to justify the FISA warrant request came from a partisan source. And the REPUBLICAN judge — who presumably read the footnotes — decided it was compelling enough to approve the application anyway. Case closed.

  24. I’m wondering what Sean Hannity will cry about now that the FISA ‘abuse’ was debunked? He’ll go back to crying about Hillary Clinton, no doubt, while the rest of the country waits for Mueller to hand out the Trump indictments.

  25. The point is there was never any proof that the dossier was factual. The FBI knew it was not, Comey said the same. It was fraud upon the court. FBI guilty. Case closed.

  26. God are you even on the same planet as the rest of us? Trump is going to go down in history as one of the greatist President’s America has ever had! Build the fricking wall but make sure California is on the other side of it lol!

  27. Your comment is laughable! Your world is quite different than the real world! Sometimes it’s just better to live in a self created bubble of ignorance and be happy in your delusion rather than to accept the fact that the Democrats are treasonous liars intending to destroy America! If you went to college get your money back!

  28. California is a beautiful state, but it has been taken over by democrats i.e. communist who have succesfully caused the state to be bankrupt , the state will exspect the rest of the country to bail them out. I say let them leave or sell California to Mexico.??

  29. Attempting to continue this false narrative either means you’re ignorant, or part of a conspiracy to destroy the republic. Whatever your reason, it’s either a seditious effort, or blatant stupidity.

  30. @tayloradams… Our potus approval ratings are better than Obama’s at same time in office. Sorry to burst your smug little bubble. And keep on believing the Russia sham till obama, Clinton and the rest are arrested and charged with treason.

  31. Sara
    You deserves the highest awards and respect for your work, you have been tremendous.
    Not being American and New to following American politics, I believe that Donald Trumps presidency will save the world and he will be the greatest president ever. Making America great again will make many countries great again.

  32. Hey, when Democrats get caught lying (but I repeat myself), they always try to lie their way out. Thanks for confirming what everyone else already knew!

  33. Sided with Russia? As opposed to what? Getting paid millions in donations to a “charity” under international investigation for fraud? Or being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for speeches? Or having publicly stated on numerous occasions a desire to have a “reset” with Russia?

    Hasn’t Trump enacted more sanctions against Russia than any prior POTUS? Yeah, he’s definitely in cahoots with Russia! LoL

  34. … about time for the Dems to yell racist – and play that card… doesn’t matter the topic – play the racist card when you’ve been shown your lying..

  35. What amazes me is how many supposed reporters, quality news outlets, and commentators are quick to condemn work investigating facts, and presenting irregular, or illegals actions. With the opportunity to expose corruption, it would seem natural to want to dig in and use Sara’s work as a reason to expose more.

    Instead, the attacks are constant, and the minions of corrupt officials, with the help of some of the media, attempt to continue a narrative based on hiding an obvious agenda to cripple the U.S. government. This needs to change, and I have no solution, except to promote the work of Sara, and hope her efforts eventually lead to and end of a bureaucracy out of control.

  36. I doubt the court would have approved the warrants if the application included all the facts, especially that Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid for the Russian propaganda dossier. A footnote that says “some of the information came from a partisan source” is way different than “the unverified and salacious dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC” … This is not closed by any means. There is a referral to the DOJ for criminal charges against Steele and a lawsuit to release the 5 FISC applications. This is not going away. 9 people at the FBI And DOJ have resigned or been reassigned. Be honest and ask yourself – What if the Trump Campaign and the RNC had hired an attorney who hired Fusion GPS who hired Christopher Steele who went to Russia, gathered lies and propaganda to create a fake dossier, then gave the document to the FBI and DOJ who used it to obtain a FISA warrant to wiretap the Clinton Campaign but neglected to tell the court who paid for the dossier?? Then they used the info obtained from the wiretap to start the Mueller witch hunt?? Stay tuned for the “Paul Harvey version” …….

  37. FISA abuse debunked? Hmmmm pretty sure my reading skills are above average. You talking about this article ? ^^^^^^^^^^this one. Hmmmmm

  38. The whole FISA process is illegal under our constitution built on the fraud of 9-11 and the patriot act which is an assault on our constitution. We need to start hanging traitors starting with the CIA and FBI thugs and goons who do nothing but steal from the public. We first need to repeal the patriot act and then start arresting the CIA drug smugglers and FBI terrorists. Our president is starting to unravel this ugly web of crime and corruption.

  39. Why does she keep inserting herself into the public sphere? She should get out the kitchen if she can’t stand the heat. Thank God she’s not President.

  40. No, Schiffty is a Democrat. The Honorable Congressional Representative
    Devin Nunes is a Republican. Both are from California but Nunes is the
    honest one. He takes flak because , as he says, because he is over the target.

  41. wow,reading comprehension is just not your strong suit,its like you didn’t bother to even read the article

    its pretty clear we have a troll attack rolling here,coordinated with the release of the dem memo to push back against this site and others that have been revealing the truth as it is unfolding,something the dems never expected to happen

  42. Keep up the good work Sara. Remember to always verify your sources and never be afraid to admit you were wrong….but rejoice when you are right! I can’t wait to read your book someday. It will truly be a best seller. You are serving your country and doing your job. Your an excellent journalist. Take care and stay safe.

  43. Why do you come to this forum and LIE? – Go ahead and prove me wrong – Name the 4 judges that approved the original and renewals of the FISA App.

  44. Yes you would love it to be wouldn’t you? The OIG’s report comes out soon. You have nowhere left to hide

  45. Wow, Dude! You are such a partisan! Sara Carter has done the country a huge favor by exposing DOJ and FBI corruption. She is the Carl Berstein of our era and hardly a partisan. She gets great intel because of her intel agency connections and frustrated agents upset at how their patisan leaders have f’d up their agencies. Check out her career background before you rip her.

    As for Nunes, he has been a bit reckless and obvious at points, but again, if he does not put his neck on the line American govt gets away with its corruption. So unless you are in favor of elites in DC who serve their own interests at citizens’ expense, then shut the f up

  46. So, friend, if someone is not caught committing a crime immediately, then they should not be prosecuted? Is that your logic? Sounds like the path to anarchy to me. The point of prosecution us to discourage further law breaking moreso than retrobution. Such twisted minds on the Left

  47. The Democrat memo is even more deceptive. It’s true that Carter had been interviewed by the FBI in relation to his conversation to Russian agents. It’s when he fully, voluntarily, participated in the sting on two Russian spies who were trying to recruit him as an asset. In other words, the previous incident referred to did not have Page selling America out to the Russians, but Russians out to America.

  48. Thank you Sara, our country owes you for your great work exposing this disgraceful and illegal conduct.

  49. Thank you Sara, for your endless fight, and no nonsense information. You have spent so much time and energy to expose these evil, and crooked politicians, the Clinton administration. The Obama administration, the FBI, DOJ, and others who thought they were Untouchable. My family and I, personally respect your incredible talent, and desire to find the truth. God bless you always ?

  50. Fisking Democrats…like shooting fish in a barrel. Big fish in a small barrel, actually!

    Keep up the good works, Sara! Thanks!!

  51. Eric you are missing the point. Clinton and the DNC are not just some partisan sources. That had everything at steak in the outcome of the 2016 election which they intended to rig in their favor. Their efforts were as evil and criminal as any action taken by the Russian adversaries. You and I are partisan sources. HRC and the DNC are outlaws.

  52. Not all. John Solomon of The Hill and Andy McCarthy at National Review have done great work. I highly recommend both.

  53. Eric, are you one of those Russians that Mueller indicted? At the very least, you failed reading comprehension in high school. Got your GED yet?

  54. The main thing that is important is the an application to the FISA court is that you have to certify that everything you are submitting has to be true. These agents knew none of it was verified so someone lied to be able to spy on the Trump campaign for political purposes. They never had probable cause to spy on Page. Anyone here who says they do not see that, is lying.

  55. Eric, you are wrong, the case not closed, just open, and very soon it will be clear, who is complete idiot and liar.

  56. how many ”russians” were indited for collusion with Trump and meddling in our elections? the correct answer is ZERO ZIP NADA you know why genius, because if the Flim Flam man mueller had of indited the russians for collusion or meddling in our election it would have been discovered they did collide with HILLARY CLINTON and the DNC and they are the ones who meddled in the election

  57. If the crime at the Watergate Hotel in 1972 was attempting to steal Democrat party secret strategies from a hotel room, a petty break-in, then what is the crime of trying to rig an election by putting the GOP candidate and his campaign team under government surveillance by fraudulent means, conspiring with Russian “enemies of the State” to do so? The DNC / Clinton collusion with the Russians is the biggest scandal EVER to hit American politics. The Dems who helped with this fraud, likely including Adam Schiff, the Clintons and the Obama team, are scrambling to cover their tracks. A complicit and completely compromised Main Stream Media provides a smokescreen and diversionary reporting. THIS is the collusion that threatens American democracy. It might just succeed. China and Russia will pick through the rubble for the spoils.

  58. Phenomenal work Sara. The Deep State is real and not some fictional novel. As a former executive, board member, & white-collar offender I have experienced first hand DOJ & IRS employees taking matters into their own hands. Why do they think this is okay against average citizens?

    1) They build their careers under the illusion that justice and fairness are being deployed. Unfortunately, too many place their interests first undermining our rights.

    2) Unions protect federal employees in overtly biased ways. Firing an employee is like climbing K2 without ropes.

    3) Federal employees believe they answer to no one and any oversight has little traction and bite.

    What has occurred is a national disgrace and the majority of our elected officials embarrass themselves choosing to be career politicians and answering only to their constituents.

    The gig is up for them. Have you had enough of Dianne Feinstein, Adam Schaffer, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Dick “Turbin” Durban, Ted Lieu, Eric Swalwell, and
    Maxine “Mad Max” Waters. The Pacific breezes have polluted their moral

    compasses as well as blind allegiance to
    Hillary Clinton for years.

    May justice finally be served to those who ignored the collective good of the people. Our time is now!!

  59. ‘Came from a partisan source’ vs. coming from a ‘competing presidential campaign’ are worlds apart in level of concern. You do get that don’t you?

  60. So you don’t think spying on an opponents presidential campaign is a FISA abuse? Because that is exactly what happened. The FISA abuse came from not being forthright about the people and motivations involved. Wise up.

  61. LOL!! There is no such thing as a non-partisan source, unless it is a robot. So saying that in the application is like saying nothing at all. Yet Adam Schiff tries to paint right over this as though it doesn’t matter. SPINNING like no tomorrow, because his butt is on the line having advanced this faux conspiracy to cover his own party’s tracks.

  62. Wow… I’m sure this is great reporting Sara, but there’s just one problem – every time I listen to a Sara Carter report on Hannity, I feel like I’m watching Part 10 of a miniseries without having watched Parts 1-9. There are so many names (at least three different names in this article I’ve never heard of before), and it’s so complex, and yet when you go on Hannity’s show you try to go through so much, so quickly that ordinary folk like me just can’t keep up. I wish there was a source that could cover this from the beginning and lay out only the most important summaries, then I can go back through and read all of Sara’s old articles, because honestly I don’t understand half of what I’m reading here. Who was Steele talking to? What did they talk about? What was in the dossier? Who the hell is Papadapolous anyway? What do those texting lovers have to do with all of this? What was the timeline where this all happened? We need more context, and it’s okay if you don’t cram in every little detail. Give us the broad strokes then we’ll go back and read the memos for ourselves to fill in the details.

  63. Of course it’s fake, after all, it’s reported by Fox News, which means by default it’s Putin propaganda, right? You know damn well, Eric, that if ONE TENTH of the content of the Nunes and Grassley memos was put out accusing Trump, you and your Democrat pals like Schiff would be ALL OVER IT. So spare us! Meanwhile there is NOTHING at all even credibly accusing Trump of anything. Colluded with whom exactly? To do what exactly? Yes I did vote for Trump but it’s only because the KGB agent outside the voting booth threatened me. Really…

  64. Try checking out Wikipedia. The story is starting to build there, with lots of links to the side stories. Here is the thread on the Fusion GPS story, which is kind of the key to the entire sordid tale. Personally, this looks like a way to counter the Hilary Clinton narrative to me. The Clinton campaign and DNC cooked up this entire narrative, literally making it up and feeding it to Christopher Steele, in order to throw the dogs off the track of Hilary. Adam Schiff was a deep Clinton supporter, and he was on the right committee to make this happen. They will pay for their deceit.

  65. April/May FusionGPS Glenn Simpson is hired by same Russian Lawyer/Spy and she’s given special passport clearance from DOJ to testIfy before Congress on Msginsky Act. Has meeting with Fusion GPS before and after Trump tower meeting with Don Jr. on essentially the same issue. July 2016 Republicans hire Perkins Coie law firm for opposition research against Trump (probably Bush) using a Fusion GPS…FBI lovers, Strzok and Page are finalizing the Clinton “no intent” document to clear Hillary Clinto and are moving on to the “insurance plan” (Russian Collusion) to take down Trump…Some messages also suggesting the FBI ass. Director Andrew McCabe is taking part.
    July 2016 Republicans drop Perkins Coie and DNC/Hillary/obama PAC hire and funnel money for opposition research. At this point Fusion GPS hire anti-Trump “foreign national” British spy, Chris Steele to advance opposition research using his contacts with Russian foreign agents with money funneled through Coie, FusionGPS and Steele to Russians. Fusion GPS begins having DOJ ass. Director Bruce Ohr’s wife to work on Trump “dossier”. First attempt at FISA wiretap warrant against Trump Associates fails with judge denying warrant.
    August 2016 Chris Steele is shopping “dossier” to numerous media outlets without success (most felt it was salacious and unverifiable) Steele gives “dossier” to Mother Jones editor who plan on publishing excerpts that will later be used in 2nd FISA warrant.
    Sept 2016 Continued shopping of “dossier”, later Steele testified before Congress how afraid he was of a Trump Presidency and starts more aggressive attempts to disseminate “dossier” Starting in July and August the Clinton campaign starts hinting at Trump/Russian collusion
    October 2016 Trump joke about Russians finding missing e-mails and references the FBI clearing Clinton without full investigation ( she was interviewed by Strzok NOT on the record or under oath, the same FBI agent writing exoneration letter before witness interviews ( Later Strzok becomes the FBI agent interviewing transition Foriegn Advisor General Flynn on the record and apparently under oath in January 2017)
    President obama* in an extensive speech belittles Trump about childishness of claiming Russians could interfere with elections and tells Trump to put his “big boy pants on” and try to win. Claiming that Donals Trump will interfere with a smooth transition of power to President Clinton.
    Nov. 2016 Trump wins the election, Bruce Ohr personally meets with GPS Glenn Simpson, FBI hires Chris Steele and James Coney’s FBI refiles FISA using “dossier” and Mother Jones article (So Comey, McCabe from FBI, Bruce Ohr with DOJ and wife hired by Fusion GPS to write “dossier” and agents Strzok and Page FBI are all involved with conspiracy to interfere with US Presidential election with money funneled from DNC/Clinton/obama through law firm Perkins Coie to Christophef Steele who pays Russian agents for anti-Trump “Intelligence “ opposition research dirt)

    Things really get going in 2017…

  66. Yhat is a pretty good summary. There is a lot of interesting detail and sidestreets. For example: Carter Page had already given testimony to FBI in 2013 thst resulted in id of Russian spies. He was an FBI informant. They knew exactly who and what he was years before the election. So the need to surveill Page was a ruse by FBI (Comey / McCabe). FISA court would have not known Page’s previous role. Another angle is that Obama set up camp on “K” Street with his intel staff (Rice, Rhodes, et al) after the election to run the anti-Trump program, protect Hilary and the DNC since all paths lead back to Obama. Soros is likely funding all of this intrigue. Many other side stories since much of the Dem DC elites are implicated. Better than the best John Grisham novel.

  67. Yep…

    …it’s surprising how inept Congressional Intelligence oversight committees seems to be. Sara has done a great job over the last couple months

    Hopefully the IG report will be complete and devastating, but I fear that the Uniparty will get together and decide that it is better for American citizens to retain at least some faith in United States Government rather than the entire treasonous truth…

  68. I do not understand what appears to be the Democrat strategy here. They appear to believe that by defending criminals associated with their party that they garner the love of their presumably “fellow” Democrats. Let me suggest that this is an idiotic plan.
    On the other hand, I am delighted to see them doing it. As they continue to defend their criminals, they are effectively speaking out in favor of treason and high crimes of all sorts. Now, I DO understand the power of political polarization. It is very, very hard to give up support of a political position you believe in. But, even though the psychology and emotion is nearly overwhelming, I think some Democrats, those who pay attention, will be forced to support justice and vote against fools who promote crime.

  69. How many democrats watching MSM even know about all this, or believe it if they do happen to hear about it. I have some friends who fit that shoe. Thanks again for what you’re doing 🙂

  70. Nunes R-CA (Fresno), Schiff D-CA (Burbank), Swalwell D-CA (eastern Alameda County and part of western Contra Costa County). that should tell you all you need to know. the party of Marx, Lenin, Castro and Mao should be nowhere near Intelligence Committee much less Gang of 8.

  71. Wow… I am impressed. Just a few more questions. We keep hearing about Papadapolous and 4-way hearsay and some Australian guy. What was that all about and how does that play into the dossier? Also one of the reubttals to Shiff memo was that they were saying it was really Papadapolous incident that started the dossier, and had nothing to do with Steele. But GOP rebutted that argument saying something about, why Page wasn’t arrested if that was the case (???) And then the thing about the two Igors that Page was supposedly talking to. I wonder how all that fits in.

  72. Sure, I’ll give it a try…although Popadopolus was a late name added to the game in 2107, the story has been used to suggest that when he was added to the Trump team in spring of 2016, as he was seen in one cabinet type meeting with Trump, he was then in England drinking at a bar and claiming that the Trump knew of Russians having Intelligence dirt on Hillary Clinton (essentially lost e-mails). This then has been used to create the “narrative” that is was an Australian diplomat who reported to American intelligence that a drunken Trump adviser was relating Trump was colluding with Russian, rather than the Clinton/DNC/FBI “insurance policy” being devised by Strzok/Page/McCabe/Comey in the FBI.
    So, Popadopolus became the “fall guy” to redirect attention away from American Intelligence conspiracy toward actual intelligence that started the Russian Collusion narrative. (We must also question why the “narrative” that John McCain personally handed the Steele “Dossier” to the FBI in November, as if they had no idea, when Steele/Fusion GPS Glenn Simpson/Clinton were pandering the “Dossier” to media outlets in August 2106. That “narrative” redirects attention, again, away from the FBI and Strzok/Page/Comey/McCabe who definitively started establishing the “insurance policy” in July 2016. Interestingly, the initial drunken Popadopolus bar scene included a British scholar on Russia, rather than the Australian diplomat. That British scholar refuted the claim and at least for a while “disappeared” and the substituted with Australian. (There have also been some suggestions that the Austrian and Popadopolus had more than one drunken bar scene)
    Again, so to answer your question, “who does this play into the Dossier”, it is being used to imply that the FBI initiated intelligence surveillance on a Presidential Campaign from actual intelligence, rather than the Strzok/Page/McCabe/Comey conspiracy.
    Carter Page was a long standing Business person with Russian ties that had been used as an undercover agent in an FBI sting that had resulted in convictions. He had previously been investigated and not charged with any crimes involving Russia…Popadopolus, Page, Manafort, Gates and Flynn are all only targets for the FBI and “special counsel” Mueller (former FBI stooge and deeply involved with Clinton/Russian Uranium One Treason) to flip over on President Trump. Popadopolus and Flynn were charged with “lying to the FBI” (although when Clinton was interviewed by FBI agent Strzok she was no under oath or even recorded).These lying to the FBI can have serious prison terms, all waived with testimony against President Trump. Gates and Manafort have both been charged with enough crimes that it would result in life in prison and financial ruin for their families if found guilty (General Flynn plead guilty after realizing that Mueller planned on not only destroying him, but also destroying his family financially and putting his son in prison) Apparently, Gates has recently plead guilty and miraculously most of his charges, serious enough for life in prison have been dropped…

  73. I have been following this story closely on multiple outlets and Peter has a better handle on the players and timeline than any other that I have seen.
    The key point here, made by Peter but can’t be underscored enough: the reason for the entire Trump Collusion narrative put forward by the Clinton/ Obama regime and supported by Obama FBI and DOJ players, is it provides an effective distraction and redirection away from their own crimes. THOSE are the crimes that should be investigated. They are REAL, not some made-up narrative. Comey, McCabe, Lynch, Obama, Mueller, Rosenstein, Brennan, Rice. None of them planned on having this collusion turned on its head and exposed. They thought if they executed the Strzok/Page/McCabe “insurance plan” after Trump won the GOP primary, that they would be in control of the Fed government and they would continue to bury their misdeeds. The #MSM and DNC along with weak liberal citizen minds would have happily played along with turning America into a fascist police state. Fortunately, Trump DID win the general election and because he is such an iconoclast, for better or worse, he has taken up the battle with enthusiasm, not cowering at the array of police-state opponents against him (the Deep State).
    And fortunately, we have an intrepid and well-connected reporter named #SaraACarter willing to dig deep and face the hostility of the Left Wing

  74. Finally!! I’ve been waiting for the FISA judges to surface. But until they publicly and definitively say they were duped/misled, I’m afraid this will all end up as a big ol’ (to quote Van Jones) noth’n burger….

  75. The correct answer is 13 were indicted for meddling. Even if Trump never met with a Russian during the election he is complicit now by not enforcing the sanctions that were voted in unanimously by the house and senate. He is colluding NOW! They are going to keep feeding your brains and Facebook feeds with Fake news and try to take the next election. Wake up.

  76. Wait, 2 weeks before the election, President obama* was giving speeches deriding candidate Trump for implying that the election was rigged and suggested , “Trump should put his big boy pants on” and just run his campaign. Obama* adamantly said that the Russians could not influence the outcome of the Presidential election…It was only after Trump won the Presidency did obama* put forth sanction against Russia and expel the diplomats…

  77. Does the truth hurt that much? HA! I am sure it does. Carter is an up and coming journalist. No click bait or phony opinion from her.

  78. LOL!! Sara is such a hack that she has developed the connections deep within our intel agencies that have given her the leads to blow the lid off your Democrat Party conspiracy to rig an election by paying Russians for fiction to frame our current President, and then helping the FBI misrepresent to the FISA court your conspiracy? You mean THAT hack reporting? Your effort at misdirection and deception will not work. the US AG, the DOJ IG are already on the case. There will be an SC that will prosecute your team, maybe even your hero Barak Obama. Enjoy your delusions while you can. They won’t last long

    BTW…I predict Sara will eventually win a Pulitzer Prize for her reporting. She is every bit as accomplished at this point as Woodward and Bernstein in 1973.

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