Republican Running Against AOC Drops Out Of Race Citing Gov. Cuomo’s ‘Draconian’ Orders

Scherie Murray explained on “Fox & Friends” Thursday why she decided to suspend her congressional campaign to run against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for New York’s 14th district saying Governor Andrew Cuomo’s “draconian, heavy-handed, ill-advised executive orders” are to blame.

“Yes, it’s unfortunate,” Murray explained. “But what we’ve learned is the governor’s selective executive orders have really put a wrench into my campaign. He had the choice to change the election in ways for which it could’ve been a more Democratic process, but instead, he chose to leave portions of the designating nominating petition process open to challenges.”

“And, unfortunately, I’ve succumbed to challenges from my opponent and from the local establishment.”

Since March 12, Governor Cuomo has instituted 11 executive orders to regulate the state’s election process.

Murray continued, “In part, and to add insult to injury we sourced a vendor who we tasked in good faith to collect qualifying petition signatures. And, according to the overarching entity, the New York City Board of Elections, unfortunately, that vendor violated New York state election laws.”

“So it was a double whammy for the campaign with the governor’s executive orders. Had he not selectively changed portions of that petition process, perhaps we could have prevailed. We certainly took our case to court and we, as of this week, withdrew our motion in the court because of my suspension of my campaign. So it’s a tough pill to swallow, but I just want to thank all of the supporters across the great nation who supported our campaign.”