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Report: Trump’s super PAC has $85M so far before 2022 midterms, possible 2024 bid



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As eyes start to gaze forward at the 2022 midterms, a new report claims that the super PAC of former President Donald Trump, who’s also been hinting at a possible 2024 bid, has $85 million cash on hand.

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The money, a source familiar reportedly told Fox News on Thursday, will likely be used as a helping hand for GOP candidates nationwide as Republicans try to regain control of both chambers of Congress in 2022.

Save America PAC, which the then-president launched shortly following Election Day in 2020, had at least $31.2 million at the beginning of this year, according to a report filed in February with the Federal Election Commission, Fox News reported.

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In 2018, Republicans lost their majority in the House of Representatives after eight years of control. After 2020, they no longer control the Senate—albeit by the slimmest of margins.

As Fox News noted, then-Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh last year after the election told the outlet that Trump “always planned to [fundraise], win or lose, so he can support candidates and issues he cares about, such as combating voter fraud.”

On Thursday also, the National Republican Congressional Committee reported that it accumulated $33.7 million in fundraising between January and March of this year, which was shared first with Fox News.

$19.1 million of that sum, according to the news outlet, was just from March. This, the NRCC said, broke its previous off-election year record by $3.6 million.

Read the full original Fox News report here.

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Biden’s 60 Minutes Interview Horrifies White House: ‘Does NOT Reflect the OFFICIAL Position’



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Uh oh. Someone let President Joe Biden speak by himself again and damage control immediately ensued. President Joe Biden’s “60 Minutes” interview which aired on CBS Sunday was 60 minutes of pure torture for viewers and 60 minutes of pure angst for the White House; everyone but the president himself.

60 Minutes’ official Twitter account publicly called out the President’s answers with an embarrassing statement that his own administration was in disagreement with him:

“President Biden tells 60 Minutes that U.S. men and women would defend Taiwan in the vent of a Chinese invasion. However, after our interview, a White House official told us that U.S. policy on Taiwan has not changed.”

CBS’ Scott Pelley also discussed inflation; an issue drastically affecting the welfare and wellbeing of families. Biden deflected with zero sympathy:

As for President Biden’s son Joe, he is sticking with the narrative that Hunter is the “smartest” person he knows and that “there’s not a single thing that I’ve observed at all that would affect me or the United States relative to my son Hunter.”

Biden also said that while the “proof of the pudding is in the eating” in response to being asked if he is fit to be President, Biden did not commit to saying whether or not he will run for re-election. His “intention” is to run again, “but that’s just intention” he said. “Is it a firm decision that I run again? That remains to be seen.”


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