Report: Top Biden officials served as fellows at CCP-funded center

Top officials in the Biden administration once served as fellows for an organization funded by the Chinese Communist Party, according to a recent investigation by the National Pulse.

The National Pulse found that Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and Senior Adviser on China in Policy Planning Mira Rapp-Hooper once worked at Yale’s Paul Tsai China Center as fellows. The center has taken millions of dollars from Chinese Communist Party-linked sources.

The Pulse reports that the Paul Tsai China Center has accepted millions of dollars from China and frequently hosts Chinese government and military personnel as speakers and fellows.

The Center re-emerged in 2016 after a $30,000,000 donation from the son of the late namesake Paul Tsai, Joseph Tsai — who is a co-founder and Vice Chairman of Alibaba, which has close ties to the CCP.

“Joseph Tsai is also a ‘patron’ of the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), a Chinese Communist Party-backed grouped exposed by The National Pulse for sponsoring trips to China for journalists and politicians in exchange for ‘favorable coverage’ and part of the country’s United Front efforts ‘to co-opt and neutralize sources of opposition to the Chinese Communist Party’ and encourage ‘positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies,'” the National Pulse reports.

The Center lists its purpose as “helping advance China’s legal reforms, improving U.S.–China relations, and increasing understanding of China in the United States” and “works collaboratively with a broad range of top experts in the Chinese government, universities, and civil society.”

It’s good to see that those advising Biden on his policies towards China are unbiased and uncompromised.

Read the full incriminating report here.