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Report: Police DID NOT remove Lafayette Park protestors for Trump photo-op



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The Interior Department Inspector General published the results of his investigation into the clash in Lafayette Park in June 2020. Mark Greenblatt found that federal police officers got involved to make room for contractors installing a new fence in the park.

This happened to coincide with then President Trump taking a photo in front of a nearby church. Many blamed Trump for the violent clashes.

Inspector General Greenblatt also found that police were “inconsistent with the guidance” when they violently removed protestors. But, he did not deny their authority to remove the protestors in the first place.

At the time, then presidential candidate Joe Biden railed against Trump. Biden ran with the reports that have since been proven false to tweet: “He’s using the American military against the American people. He tear-gassed peaceful protesters and fired rubber bullets. For a photo.”

Kayleigh McEnany, who was Trump’s White House Press Secretary, took to Twitter to remind everyone, she told them. “I said this from the podium endlessly. But only now do they finally report the truth,” she tweeted.

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National Security

Sara Carter Exclusive: military age male illegal immigrants say Biden is their president



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President Joe Biden is finally visiting the border, but still he’s staying very far away from any and all migrant crossing hotspots, states Sean Hannity. Sara Carter spent the day at Arizona’s border where she spoke to dozens of migrants from all around the world entering the country illegally. The consensus was unanimous: they all knew President Joe Biden is letting immigrants flood into the U.S.

One individual, a male from Guinea, told Carter that Joe Biden ‘is the president of the immigrants; he is working for the immigrants.’ Carter told Hannity that 1,500 people every single day are coming out of one of the most dangerous places on earth, the jungle near Sasabe, Arizona’s border.

Carter also exclusively showed Hannity a makeshift camp which had been set up at the border by a non-governmental organization (NGO). Smugglers are aware of the location and drop off migrants.

“Every single person coming across the border illegally, from Guinea, Pakistan, El Salvador, Ecuador, you name it, all said the U.S. has an open border policy; an invitation from President Biden” Carter explained.

Carter spoke with the Vice President of the Border Patrol Union asking if he thought the American people comprehend the gravity, the national security implication?

He answered that some people do comprehend it, but Biden still has his loyal followers that believe he is doing his job. However,  the amount of fentanyl and illicit drugs crossing into the U.S. daily, in addition to illegal immigrants coming from 160 plus different countries shows we are very vulnerable to deadly implications. He also explained that the vetting process only has even the slightest chance of working if the individuals have committed crimes in the United States.

Terrifyingly, millions of military aged men from around the world who committed crimes in their home countries are crossing the border. The U.S. agencies will never know they are criminals, and even if they do, their home countries will not take them back.

“Our adversaries such as China and Iran are very aware that our borders are open” and they are taking advantage, Carter laments.


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