Report: Experiment shows that ballot signature verification has an 89% failure rate

Victor Joecks, a Las Vegas reporter, tested voter verification and found that ballot signature verification has an 89% failure rate, FoxNews reports.

Both state and local election officials assured the public that signature verification safeguards prevented someone from successfully voting multiple times. 

Joecks experiment discredited that, he reports.

“I wanted to test the accuracy of signature verification,” Joecks said. “I had nine volunteers and what happened is, I signed their name as is appeared on the ballot, I took a picture of it, I sent it to them and then they copied my signature onto their ballot return envelope.”

Eight of the nine ballots went through.

“Signature verification, which has been built up as this infallible security measure had an 89% failure rate.”

Joecks experiment was completely legal and was simulating instances such as finding ballots in the trash and still submitting them.

The Clark County registrar, home to Las Vegas, said they don’t have anyone looking into voter fraud issues.

“Widespread fraud was certainly possible and the lack of interest by elected officials, by election officials is simply concerning and frankly, irresponsible,” Joecks said.

Joecks emphasized that officials need to “stop assuming that the election was conducted honestly and with integrity. (They should be) going and trying to find out if anyone cheated. Don’t expect someone to admit it after the fact.”