REPORT: Biden visits House Dems to threaten if they don’t negotiate infrastructure bill, ‘you get zero’

President Biden paid a visit to the Capitol Friday to lobby for his $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill. There, he suggested progressive Democrats compromise, or risk the bill dying.

Biden arrived just before 4 PM to meet with House Democrats. He reportedly warned his Build Back Better Agenda “ain’t going to happen until we reach an agreement on the next piece of legislation.”

“Let’s try to figure out what we are for in reconciliation . . . and then we can move ahead,” Biden said. In addition, he reminded lawmakers that even a bill smaller than $3.5 trillion “can make historic investments.”

Afterwards Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) summarized the 40-minute meeting to Politico. “I think the number one message was, ‘if you don’t compromise, you get zero,'” Quigley said.

“We’re on a path,” Pelosi told reporters following the closed-door meeting. Yet Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi sounded hopeful that a vote could still happen Friday.

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