Rep. Schiff Boots Rep. Gaetz From Impeachment Hearing

The House Intelligence Committee is holding a closed door hearing as part of an ongoing impeachment inquiry into President Trump.

Democrats, however, appear unwilling to work across the aisle to support a fair and transparent process, say Republican lawmakers.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) displayed his frustration to reporters after Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) kicked him out of the committee’s hearing.

“This morning we see further evidence that Adam Schiff’s clown show of an impeachment proceeding continues,” said Gaetz. “Adam Schiff lied when he said that he and his team had not had contact with the whistleblower. He lied when he read a false transcript into the record.”

Rep. Gaetz accused Democrats of running a “clown show” and specifically, Rep. Schiff of lying to the American people. “I appeared just to participate, just to observe as a member of Congress, as a member of the Judiciary Committee,” Rep. Gaetz told reporters Monday.

Chairman Schiff’s latest move is consistent with his mishandling of a whistleblower complaint that alleged the President proposed a quid-pro-quo deal, alleging that Trump would withhold defense aid from Ukraine until they conducted a full investigation into his political opponent former Vice President Joe Biden and his son.


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Adam Schiff: We don’t need whistleblower’s testimony anymore, this is to protect his/her identity

The President’s now released phone call transcripts with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky debunked the allegations by Schiff. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi however, opened the impeachment inquiry premature of the call’s release and the investigation continues.

Schiff, on the other hand, continues to accuse Trump.  The chairman even read a fake transcript of the phone call during his opening statement before he was questioned by lawmakers, who wondered what transcript he was reading from. He tried to say that he was making a “parody” of the conversation between the two world leaders.

Moreover, evidence has surfaced that members of his staff met with the whistleblower tied to the Ukraine call. Schiff originally claimed that there was no prior contact between his committee and the whistleblower.