Rep. Roy reiterates demand that Biden defund UN ‘so-called’ Human Rights Council

After the United Nations Human Rights Council voted Thursday to establish an investigation into Israel, Congressman Chip Roy, R-TX, defended an earlier demand that Biden defund the global body. He tells exclusively that the council has proven yet again to be biased.

“The United Nations’ so-called ‘Human Rights’ Council just can’t resist proving that it is nothing but a corrupt, Israel-hating propaganda club,” Roy said. “This most-recent council vote to establish an anti-Israel commission proves yet again why the US should not grant this body a single taxpayer dollar or legitimize any of its actions by rejoining it.”

The Council has yet to condemn the Chinese Community Party. Meanwhile, they’ve condemned Israel dozens of times. “The UNHCR does nothing but defend the worldโ€™s worst dictators and while libeling one our greatest allies,” Roy added. “Congress should immediately take up and pass H.R. 1021, which I introduced to block the United States from funding it.”

Roy introduced a bill in February to prohibit U.S. contributions to the United Nations Human Rights Council as the Biden administration looks to rejoin it, as reported by The Daily Caller.

The bill also seeks to rescind any outstanding contributions towards the UNHRC.

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu also accused the council of having a “blatant anti-Israel obsession,” in a Thursday statement.

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