Rep. Omar Vilifies Israel, Comparing It To The U.S. Jim Crow Era

Arlington, VA/USA – January 10, 2019: Rep. Ilhane Omar (D-MN) speaking at the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), congressional reception for newly elected Congressional representatives

Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar continued baiting the Jewish State late Thursday, further inflaming Jewish and Zionist hatred. She amplified a false and malicious tweet smearing Israel, thereby giving it added publicity and a veneer of validity.

Omar responded to a tweet claiming that “Israel is like the south before 1963: millions of people under Israeli control are denied the right to vote, speak freely or assemble because of their ethnicity. It’s a democracy for Jews only. That’s not a real democracy.”

Omar Compares Israeli Policies To The Jim Crow Era

In a tweet, Omar, of Minnesota, compared present-day Israel with the United States during the Jim Crow era. “In the same way many Americans knew separate yet equal was immoral but remained silent until brave few were silent no more.”

Further, cloaking herself as a brave soul speaking truth to power, Omar tweeted:”They can attack, spin my words and vilify me, but they will not succeed in silencing me!”

Every citizen of Israel Can…

However, every citizen of Israel, including the 26 percent of non-Jewish Israelis, 18 percent of whom are Muslims, can vote. Every citizen of Israel is eligible to run for public office. There are Arab Muslims serving in the Israeli government. There are Arab Muslims who serve as judges in Israel. There are Arab Muslims who serve in the Israel Defense Forces.

If her challenge not to be silenced is unmet, it may be her own party that suffers the most.

It is hard to recall a more openly antisemitic statement.

Yes, being this wrong about the only Jewish nation takes you across the line from “mere” Israel-hatred into outright antisemitism.

All by herself, Omar is proving the mounting charges that the Democratic party has forsaken Israel on the alter of so-called progressive politics.