Rep. Lee Zeldin: Schiff’s Questioning During Impeachment Hearings Is ‘Disgusting’

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-NY) spent more time in closed-door depositions on impeachment than House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, he told Fox News host Bill Hemmer Tuesday. Further, Zeldin called Schiff’s questioning “disgusting” for playing into his anti-Trump narrative.

“I will tell you that there is nothing from anything that I’ve heard that you could possibly impeach the President of the United States for,” said Zeldin.

“They have creativity in developing a narrative, a story to try to connect all sorts of different dots that aren’t actually connected. I see it with the way Chairman Schiff asks his questions inside these depositions.”

One example of Schiff’s unfair questioning Zeldin provided was during former adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Michael McKinley’s testimony. “Adam Schiff asks the question where he’s trying to get Michael McKinley to talk about how bad things are in the Mike Pompeo State Department and then Michael McKinley takes exception with the question and says ‘he had to recast the way the question was asked’ and then he talked about how much better things have gotten in the State Department under Mike Pompeo.”

Despite enduring hours of questioning witnesses, Zeldin said, Democrats have no basisĀ  for impeachment. “They’re going to be trying to claim that there was a quid-pro-quo, they might try to approach that argument from multiple angles, they might try to make a claim that the President’s obstructing the process,” Zeldin argued.