Rep. Lee Zeldin: If Witnesses Are To Be Called, Schiff Should Be Number One

Congressman Lee Zeldin (R-NY) told The Sara Carter Show Monday that he expects an acquittal of President Donald Trump in the impeachment trial before the end of the week but added if witnesses are to be called the full Senate needs to hear testimony from Rep. Adam Schiff.

Zeldin, who is also one of Trump’s attorney’s during impeachment, said Schiff is a material fact witness in the impeachment trial.

Why? Because Schiff, who is Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and House Manager arguing for the impeachment of Trump, kept information from the House about his committee’s contact with the so-called whistleblower before he submitted his report to the Intelligence Community Inspector General.

After all, the origination of Trump’s impeachment began with the whistleblower complaint submitted to Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson. More importantly, evidence surfaced during the House impeachment hearing that Schiff’s committee had met with the whistleblower prior to drafting the report that was given to the IG. When it was revealed that the whistleblower was in contact with Schiff’s committee, he danced around the finding and eventually had to admit that committee members did meet with the whistleblower. He, however, continues to deny knowing the whistleblower.

I mean my suggestion is that going forward The Post calls it four Adam Schiffs, Lee Zeldin

Zeldin told this reporter during the podcast, that Schiff has “collected so many Pinocchios and should have collected so many more Pinocchios,” referring to The Washington Post’s fact checking, which gives anywhere from 0 to 5 Pinocchios for lies. Schiff’s explanation and failure to disclose that his committee met with the whistleblower to discuss the report received four Pinocchios. 

“I mean my suggestion is that going forward The Post calls it four Adam Schiffs,” said Zeldin. “It’s unreal listening to him and he already got caught in this lie. We know that the whistleblower was in touch with his team before that person was even a whistleblower, before that person had hired a whistleblower attorney and Adam Schiff said, that the whistleblower should be called (to testify) so that we can hear what this person has to say and then he changed his mind only after he got caught.”

Further complicating matters, was classified testimony provided to the House behind closed doors from Inspector General Atkinson during the House impeachment proceedings. Atkinson’s testimony is now being investigated by senior Republican House members who say Atkinson either lied during his testimony or needs to clarify his statements to the committee. Ranking Member of the Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes (R-CA) first revealed the investigation on The Sara Carter Show.

As for the ongoing Senate impeachment trial, Zeldin expects it to conclude before the end of the week.

“Over the course of the day tomorrow or maybe Saturday, we hopefully will see an acquittal of the president,” said Zeldin. “I don’t want to see a dismissal. I don’t want to see a motion to just end the trial.

“The President should be found not guilty of what they are accusing him of and they’re not even accusing him of breaking any law, they say no one’s above the law, but they don’t even allege in the articles of impeachment a violation of a law,” he said. “So this is really a moment in time that our country is ready to move past and it’s amazing how much this president was able to get done through it over the last few months and we’ve seen it over the course of this week with him signing the USMCA and a day before announcing a very detailed proposal to try to resolve a longstanding conflict in the Middle East.”

“With the economy going as well as it is and Soleimani dead, it’s amazing how much he’s accomplished during it and can only make you imagine how much more once it’s done,” he said.

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