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Rep. Jordan slams Dems saying, no one is safe from ‘cancel culture’



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Ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee Jim Jordan laid out the indisputable argument that the media and Hollywood are ardent supporters of the Democratic Party during Thursdays hearing, titled Diversity in America: The Representation of People of Color in the Media.

The House Judiciary Committee’s hearing included a number of witnesses, as well as Eric S. Dreiband, who is the assistant attorney general at the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. He testified before the committee along with a number of representatives from civil rights organizations across the U.S. and some entertainers.

Jordan, however, pointed to the growing disparity in the media and Hollywood toward conservative viewpoints and growing biased against Republicans in general.

He called out the hypocrisy during his opening statement.

“Even the media is not woke enough for the Democrats,” said Jordan. “Hollywood is not woke enough for the Democrats. Ninety-six percent of media – their political contributions in 2016 went to Democrats, almost all of Hollywood supports the Democrats but that’s not good enough.”

Jordan added, “this hearing proves no one is safe from the cancel culture, no one is safe from the mob.”

Joy Villa, a Grammy award winning artist, testified at the hearing, noting that her diversity didn’t ever get her ostracized but her conservatism did.

“Until I came out as a Trump supporter by wearing a fabulous Make America Great Again dress to the Grammys 4 years ago, I had never been blacklisted—Yet as soon as I began sharing my conservative beliefs and my support for President Trump, I noticed a social chill,” Villa testified.

She recalled “back in 2015, talk show host Jimmy Kimmel talked favorably with Kelly Osbourne about one of my red-carpet gowns. This was before I was conservative.”

“Ava DuVernay, the celebrated black filmmaker who said she wants to use more black actresses in her films and have more diversity, blocked me on Twitter,” she added. “I was disinvited to casting round tables. I was blacklisted from industry events. I was not welcome on most talk shows. I was not included in pop-culture magazines or publications —unless as the butt of jokes. Rolling Stone Magazine told my publicist that they would not write about me because of my politics.”

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Is the FBI ‘purging’ agents with Conservative views?




On Thursday, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan formally requested that the Justice Department’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, open an investigation into the FBI’s alleged use of political litmus tests to sideline or remove agents and employees with conservative viewpoints. This request also included a direct warning to FBI Director Christopher Wray about these practices.

Jordan’s action follows a report by Just the News detailing how an FBI security clearance review involved inquiries about an employee’s political beliefs. Specifically, the review asked whether the employee had expressed support for former President Donald Trump, attended a Second Amendment rally, or voiced skepticism about COVID-19 vaccines.

In a letter to Director Wray, Jordan expressed wrote, “The FBI appears to be purging itself of employees who do not share its preferred political views.” He emphasized the troubling nature of these practices, especially when they impinge on fundamental liberties and constitutional rights.

Speaking on the “John Solomon Reports” podcast, Jordan highlighted the severity of the situation: “Particularly when they’re asking about fundamental liberties, your constitutional rights, I mean, that is that is frightening stuff.” He further noted the retaliatory actions taken against whistleblowers who bring such issues to light, adding, “You put all that together, and you talk about politics driving what happens there.”

Jordan’s inquiry into the political weaponization of law enforcement has been ongoing, with a particular focus on the FBI’s conduct. In his communication with Inspector General Horowitz, Jordan underscored that the targeting of an employee’s political beliefs and First Amendment activities was deeply concerning and seemingly unrelated to legitimate security risk assessments. “These actions only serve to further erode the dwindling public trust in the FBI and reinforce the Committee and Select Subcommittee’s concerns about political bias within the FBI,” he wrote.

Jordan also referenced evidence uncovered by Judicial Watch, which suggested political retaliation against FBI whistleblowers aiding Congress. He pointed out that an FBI official allegedly disclosed nonpublic information about these whistleblowers to a Democrat member of the Select Subcommittee, ostensibly to discredit their testimonies about FBI misconduct. “It appears from the documents that the FBI sought to selectively disclose this nonpublic information so that it would be used to impugn the credibility of the whistleblowers,” Jordan stated.

In his separate letter to Wray, Jordan questioned the relevance of political viewpoints to security clearance determinations. He argued that while assessing the legality of employees’ actions is legitimate, questions about political beliefs are “completely irrelevant to any legitimate security risk determination” and infringe upon First Amendment rights.

Following the release of internal FBI memos showing that bureau officials had inquired about an employee’s support for Trump, stance on COVID-19 vaccines, and participation in a Second Amendment rally, concerns about political bias have intensified. These memos indicated that the employee’s security clearance was revoked months after confirming his conservative views and vaccine skepticism.

Tristan Leavitt, the lawyer representing the affected FBI employee, commended the congressional oversight, stating, “It’s good to see Congress holding the FBI’s feet to the fire.” He emphasized the need for a thorough investigation into how these questions were used to justify purging conservative employees from the FBI.

 Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton echoed this sentiment on the “Just the News, No Noise” TV show, predicting that the FBI would attempt to deflect criticism despite clear evidence of misconduct. “I’m sure we’ll get some distraction and noise from Chris Wray and a reaffirmation that the FBI never does anything wrong, even when it’s caught red-handed,” Fitton remarked.

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