Rep. Jackie Speier To Bring ‘Epstein Silence Breaker And Survivor’ As SOTU Guest

Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA) says she is bringing “Epstein Silence Breaker and Survivor” Courtney Wild as her guest to President Donald Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address on Tuesday night, according to a statement released by Speier’s office Monday.

“Courtney’s bravery and dignity in the face of unfathomable treatment by those who should have been fighting for her and the other Epstein survivors, and the resulting miscarriage of justice in that case deserves and demands the nation’s attention” said Rep. Speier, who is also Co-Chair of the Bipartisan Task Force to End Sexual Violence.

Wild is pushing forward a bill with Speier that would bring justice to the “scores of women” “who fell prey” to Epstein’s abuse in Florida, where Wild spent over ten years fighting the Federal District Court for her rights and the rights of other victims. However, with Epstein’s subsequent suicide, justice was never fully served.

“By attending this year’s SOTU as my distinguished guest, Courtney is helping me send a clear message that women are done with being treated as second class citizens in our own country. We are standing up for what is right and to ensure that those who continue to subvert the rule of law and those who fail to hold perpetrators responsible for their malign deeds will not succeed. Together, we are taking a stand and fighting for the bipartisan Courtney Wild Crime Victims’ Rights Reform Act so that victims’ rights are more than just empty words.”