Rep. Garcia shares biggest fear about border crisis

Rep. Mike Garcia (R-CA) appeared on “The Sara Carter Show” podcast on Thursday to further discuss what he calls the “humanitarian crisis” at the border. This comes after Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified before the Senate Homeland Security Committee last week.

Garcia and Carter recently visited the Antelope Valley in Southern California and saw miles and miles of warehouses and pot farms that stood as testaments to President Biden’s border policy failures. While it is legal under the right regulations to grow marijuana in California, these were illegal farms and reportedly run by the cartels.

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Garcia says workers at these pot farms face deadly consequences. “We’ve also found, you know, 10, dead bodies of these illegal immigrants who are indentured servants working there,” Garcia said. “They have no one to report to, they have no one to, you know, express grievances to, they have no top coverage.”

Therefore, Garcia told Carter, “it’s a humanitarian crisis, not only at the southern border, but also 200 miles inland.”

Many of the local residents Garcia spoke to during the visit expressed fear of cartel retribution. According to Garcia, these farms have become increasingly brazen because their work is producing a high reward at little risk.

“My biggest fear is we’re going to lose an innocent civilian American life to these organizations that didn’t exist in our neighborhoods just a couple of months ago,” Garcia said.

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