Rep. Eric Swalwell: “I Don’t Trust AG Barr, He’s Protecting The President”

Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell, speaking with CNN’s Anderson Cooper about the Mueller report continued to push for immediate release of full report. “We can’t protect future elections if we don’t know what’s in the report,” said Rep. Swalwell.

Republicans should go with their insticts continued Swalwell, “they voted before anyone knew what the report would show, to release it fully to the public…420 to 0, they joined the democrats. And the President with all these questions swirling around with potential leaks coming out should just order the attorney general, if he believes that he’s 100 percent exonerated, to give us 100 percent of the report.”

Swalwell said that he was concerned that the attorney general’s letter on the conclusions of Mueller report and his actions “demonstrate that he’s going to protect the president and is going to insulate him from us being able to know who he drew himslef so close to during the election, and that we may have to go through a protracted litigation process where we need this report now.”

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