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Rep. Buck Warns, World Leaders Need To Stand With Trump To Hold China Accountable



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Listen to “Rep. Buck: Republicans need to stop acting like Democrats” on Spreaker.

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus emanating from Wuhan, China was a breaking point for the Trump administration to lay down the hammer even harder on the communist regime. However, the Chinese Communist government did everything it could to cover up the mess from the start putting the world at risk and causing the global economy to spiral out of control.

Rep. Ken Buck, R-CO, has been tough on China. It’s not always an easy position to be in as a member of Congress when big tech and other companies manufacture a large amount of their product in the communist country.

During Monday’s episode of “The Sara Carter Podcast,” he explained why apps like TikTok are dangerous and expose the simple tools China’s government uses to spy on Americans. However, until the rest of the world agrees to hold China accountable, there won’t be real change, Buck said.

He explained, “Their espionage, their really disregard for the rule of law in In trade policy, and when we get the world to a point where there is a consensus that we need to hold China accountable, I believe they’ll change. But up until that point they won’t.”

“While I don’t think they plan on a pandemic that would impact the United States the way it is, I do think that out of their, the values that they have, and the values that are just contrary to the rest of the world, we have a very serious situation and we need to address it,” he told Carter.

Buck’s statements fall in line with President Trump‘s policy on the CCP. He has been warning about China for decades, even prior to his term in office.

It is the reason he has focused so stringently on renegotiating trade deals with Beijing. The outbreak only reenforced those concerns and highlighted America’s severe national security flaws regarding the manufacturing of medicines and medical protective personal equipment.

Now, Trump is working to not just isolate China economically, but also ending the communist regimes espionage attempts.

In recent days, the President has made suggestions he’s going to ban Chinese-owned “TikTok,” a social media application where users make short videos.

Many government employees have already been banned from downloading the application onto their government phones over concerns the program is used as a tool for Chinese espionage.

“China is obviously an adversary of the United States and of the West and of our values,” Buck said. “And the Chinese government uses simple apps like TikTok, as an espionage tool. And we have to make sure we understand that they’re never going to give us the information we need to help the American people when it comes to a disease like COVID-19.”

He continued, “They’re not going to be transparent in anything in China because that’s just not a value they have. And it’s time that the western Europeans stand up and help President Trump isolate China on their horrible economic practices.”

China’s government believes in everything counter to what the majority of the free world believes, making it all the more critical for the world to take notice and join forces with the U.S., Buck added.

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REPORT: China has vast network of covert police stations around the world



ChineseFemaleMiitary 652840318

China has a vast network of covert police stations abroad, according to a recent report by Safeguard Defenders, an NGO that focuses on human rights violations in China and other Asian countries. These police stations serve consular functions, but are also used by China to crack down on what the CCP deems “illegal” activity of Chinese nationals abroad. The police stations include at least 38 run by the Fuzhou City police, and 22 run by the Qingtian City police. Cities housing these police stations include New York, Toronto (which has three stations), London (two), Paris (three), Buenos Aires, Rio De Janeiro, and Tokyo.

Key findings of the report are below.

“Persuaded to return”

According to China, China has “persuaded to return [to China]” 230,000 Chinese nationals living aboard from April 2021 to July 2022 alone to face charges of fraud and telecommunications fraud. A Yangxia police station set up in Mozambique, for example, persuaded a Chinese national to return to China after being accused of stealing money from his employer. Chinese authorities also put pressure on the accused family to convince the accused to surrender.

Roughly 54,000 Chinese nationals were persuaded to return from northern Myanmar alone, in the first nine months of 2021. In July 2022, the government of Wenchang City warned that its citizens living in northern Myanmar must check in with their local police stations or face multiple penalties including blocking their children from attending urban schools back in China. Similarly, in February 2022, the government of Liayang City stated that Chinese “illegally staying” in northern Myanmar must return or the bank accounts of their immediate family members could be frozen.

The Nine Forbidden Countries

China has claimed that nine countries contain serious levels of fraud and telecom fraud perpetrated by Chinese nationals. Since November 2021, China has declared that Chinese citizens living in these nine countries must return to China immediately unless they have an “emergency reason” or a “strict necessity” to travel or stay in those countries. Those countries are: Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, the UAE, and Turkey. However, the report questions whether these countries are truly awash in such fraud, as most of China’s oversees police stations are in the West, and only one of the nine countries (Cambodia) has such a police station. Chinese staying in the nine forbidden countries, as well as threats to family members as stated above, creates a “guilt-by-association” atmosphere intended to repatriate the Chinese nationals.


According to the report, Chinese police stations abroad serve to bypass “bilateral extradition treaties or other mechanisms of judicial cooperation” to cooperate with CCP-linked NGOs which effectively “[sets] up an alternative policing and judicial system within third countries.” Instead of using international judicial cooperation, which establishes due process, the presumption of innocence, and the right to a fair trial, China uses the above “persuade-to-return” methods and transnational police stations to circumvent international law and coerce Chinese nationals to return to China for trials. These policies show the power of China’s long-arm oppression over its own subjects.

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