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Rep. Boebert trolls Biden with a mylar blanket during national address



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While President Biden briefly mentioned immigration in his speech, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) curled up with a mylar blanket. Her protest was in reference to the mylar blankets often given to the swarms of migrants at the border. That’s why you might have heard a rustling sound during the broadcast.

Fox News confirmed with Boebert that the blanket was intentional. “Biden refused to bring attention to the crisis he created at the southern border,” Boebert tweeted. “So I did.”

Boebert was one of about 100 congress people watching Biden’s address in the House chamber of the Capitol. She live-tweeted her reaction.

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Mental health crisis spikes among Afghan women after Taliban regained control two years ago



girls studying in afghanistan

The women of Afghanistan are suffering a mental health crisis since the Taliban regained power two years ago. According to a joint report from three U.N. agencies released Tuesday, approximately 70% of women experience feelings of anxiety, isolation and depression.

The numbers continue to rise, as there has already been a significant jump between April and June of this year alone, with an increase from 57%  the preceding quarter.

The report, conducted by U.N. Women, the International Organization for Migration and the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, interviewed women online, in-person and in group consultations as well as individual telesurveys.

592 Afghan women in 22 of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces took part in the study. The Associated Press reports:

They have barred women from most areas of public life and work and banned girls from going to school beyond the sixth grade. They have prohibited Afghan women from working at local and non-governmental organizations. The ban was extended to employees of the United Nations in April.

Opportunities to study continued to shrink as community-based education by international organizations was banned and home-based schooling initiatives were regularly shut down by the de facto authorities — a term use by the U.N. for the Taliban government.

Afghanistan is the only country in the world with restrictions on female education and the rights of Afghan women and children are on the agenda of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

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