Rep. Andy Biggs: Dems’ immigration policy is ‘inhumane’


Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs (R) told “The Sara Carter Show” podcast host Sara Carter Monday that Democrats’ immigration policies are “inhumane.”

“But the reality is, people know, [illegal immigration] is a real issue. They feel it intuitively. They know it intellectually. But the left cows them and says, ‘If you want secure borders, if you want people to immigrate legally, then you are inhumane,'” Biggs said. “The reality,” he added, is that “the other side that wants open borders, they are the ones that have very promiscuous, inhumane policies. And that’s where we need to draw the line.”

Carter agreed with the Arizona Republican, saying, “And I think that this is a humanitarian crisis, it’s a crisis of our time, and if we really care about human trafficking and the suffering of children, and the suffering of people, we will not perpetuate this kind of behavior.”

“I think you can’t be more humane than to say that, ‘We are going to stop you from building your coffers off of the backs and deaths of human beings,'” Carter continued. “That’s what the cartels are doing, they’re killing our children with drugs and they’re killing the people coming up to this country in these caravans without any kind of proper security, and young children traveling alone and pedophilia and everything horrific that you can imagine these children have experienced.”

Carter herself penned an opinion piece for Fox News last week on President Joe Biden‘s immigration policy, saying: “What the Biden administration isn’t addressing or is refusing to acknowledge is that the lax policies lead to more human suffering.”

“Biden’s new immigration policies, like those of his predecessors, do not address the real dangers facing the migrants,” she also wrote. “These people are used as political footballs and the hundreds of millions of dollars they collectively pay to the cartels yearly have given rise to deadly cartels like, Sinaloa, Juarez, Los Zetas and numerous others that wage war on our nation, plague our neighbor Mexico with corruption and poison our children with narcotics.”

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