August 1, 2020

Reminiscent Of Nazi Behavior Activists Burn Bibles And American Flags In Portland

A stack of bibles and American flags were burned outside the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon by what appeared to be left wing Antifa activists in a new video posted by blogger and journalist Ian Miles Cheong.

What do these actions have to do with the horrific death of George Floyd who was murdered by a Minneapolis Police Officer? Nothing.

In fact, Floyd’s death has now become an excuse for anti-American, anti-Democratic factions to target our communities and major cities prior to the November, 2020 election.

The incident in Portland raises significant concerns about the continuing destructive actions of Neo-Marxists and young American millennials that have been indoctrinated by their university and college professors to oppose American values and establish a new form of ‘cancel culture’ socialist ideology.

It is an ideology that advocates civil unrest, opposition to western values, violence against government officials and targeting of civilians who oppose their beliefs.

Burning the stack of Bibles is also symbolic of anti-Judeo Christian values and reflects similar actions that were taken in Germany by young Neo-Nazi’s who burned books that did not reflect the beliefs of the rising Nazi Party.

What happened in Germany when the majority of the German people ignored what was happening before their very eyes? The silent majority in America needs to wake up.

From The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

On May 10, 1933 student groups at universities across Germany carried out a series of book burnings of works that the students and leading Nazi party members associated with an “un-German spirit.

Enthusiastic crowds witnessed the burning of books by Brecht, Einstein, Freud, Mann and Remarque, among many other well-known intellectuals, scientists and cultural figures, many of whom were Jewish. The largest of these book bonfires occurred in Berlin, where an estimated 40,000 people gathered to hear a speech by the propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, in which he pronounced that “Jewish intellectualism is dead” and endorsed the students’ “right to clean up the debris of the past.”