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Recalled Progressive President of San Fran School Board Blames ‘White Supremacists’



School desk

Earlier this week voters recalled three progressive San Francisco school-board members including the president, Gabriela Lopez. The uber progressive ousted president took to Twitter to defend herself, and blame “white supremacists.”

On Thursday she tweeted, “so if you fight for racial justice, this is the consequence. Don’t be mistaken white supremacists are enjoying this. And the support of the recall is aligned with this.”

Lopez’s tweet was accompanied by a screen shot of a Washington Post article with the headline: “San Francisco recalls school board members seen as too focused on racial justice.”

A Washington Post politics reporter David Weigel responded in the twitter thread to Lopez writing that the recall vote was actually “racially diverse, including hundreds of non-citizen immigrants who were eligible to participate.”

National Review reports “more than 70 percent of voters elected to recall Lopez and two other progressive board members, Alison Collins and Faauuga Moliga. The trio were the only board members on the seven-member board who were eligible to be recalled.”

Though Lopez blames white supremacists, perhaps the fact that the district’s budget deficit soared to around $125 million last year. Or maybe the fact that in February, the board hosted a two-hour debate over whether a gay white dad was diverse enough to join an all-female volunteer parent committee. But no; let’s blame white supremacists.

Even mainstream media and liberal Mayor London Breed have admitted pushing a progressive “woke” agenda is upsetting many parents and voters. “The voters of this city have delivered a clear message that the school board must focus on the essentials of delivering a well-run school system above all else…San Francisco is a city that believes in the value of big ideas, but those ideas must be built on the foundation of a government that does the essentials well.”

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  1. Joan

    February 20, 2022 at 10:29 am

    That’s hilarious! I’m in San Francisco nearly every week & the people I saw walking around with Recall School Board tshirts were Asian & many other skin tones that were not “white”. The real misogynists here are wacko school board people who got recalled. So stop projecting already!!

  2. Gregory

    February 21, 2022 at 9:33 am

    It’s about time some of these radical Marxists get their comeuppance!

  3. John

    April 3, 2022 at 6:41 pm

    The Board was staffed by “Frankfurt School “. thugs and stooges. The remainder must be removed and the Mayor. Good luck and well done on “ taking out the garbage”.

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Department of Education Office of Civil Rights opens investigation into Harvard University



Screen Shot 2023 11 30 at 10.11.09 AM

On Tuesday the United States Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights opened an investigation into Harvard University in order to determine if the school has fulfilled legal obligation to respond to the increase in antisemitic incidents after Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on October 7th.

The university agreed to cooperate with the investigation in a statement issued Wednesday. “We support the work of the Office for Civil Rights to ensure students’ rights to access educational programs are safeguarded and will work with the office to address their questions,” the statement read.

The DOE has also opened investigations into Columbia University, Cornell University, Wellesley College, and the University of Pennsylvania this month over “discrimination involving shared ancestry” under Title VI. 

According to a letter from the Department of Education obtained by the Boston Globe

the investigation was prompted after a complaint which stated Harvard “discriminated against students on the basis of their national origin (shared Jewish ancestry and/or Israeli) when it failed to respond appropriately to reports of incidents of harassment,”

National Review reports that while the Office of Civil Rights does not typically disclose which specific complaints prompted an investigation, there have been several high-profile incidents of antisemitism at Harvard and other Ivy league universities in recent weeks.

Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman sent an open letter to Harvard president Claudine Gay earlier this month which cited the confrontation at the “die-in” and urged her to take action to protect Jewish students.

“Jewish students are being bullied, physically intimidated, spat on, and in several widely-disseminated videos of one such incident, physically assaulted,” Mr. Ackman wrote. “On-campus protesters on the Widener Library steps and elsewhere shout, ‘Intifada! Intifada! Intifada! From the River to the Sea, Palestine Shall be Free!’”

Harvard President Claudine Gay released a statement about “combatting antisemitism” on November 9:

“I affirm our commitment to protecting all members of our community from harassment and marginalization, and our commitment to meeting antisemitism head-on, with the determination it demands,” Gay said. “Let me reiterate what I and other Harvard leaders have said previously: Antisemitism has no place at Harvard.”

Among the antisemitic events that have circulated national news are how just days after the Hamas attack, a 19-year-old Columbia student was arrested for allegedly assaulting an Israeli student who was trying to prevent the suspect from tearing down posters of Israeli hostages. Also at Cornell, a 21-year-old student was arrested for allegedly threatening to murder and rape his Jewish classmates on an anonymous online message board.

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