Rasmussen Poll: Huge majority of Americans think capitalism is better than socialism

In a recent poll, Rasmussen found that 65% of American voters prefer capitalism to socialism, saying it’s a “better system.”

However, those in the minority tended to be in the 18-39 age range. 31% of those under 40 prefer socialism to capitalism, according to the poll. Meanwhile, 21% of respondents could not decide which of the two is better.

Democrats were split almost down the middle on the question. According to the poll, 46% prefer capitalism, while 31% prefer socialism and 21% are undecided. Even those who self-identified as liberal split 39% for capitalism, 37% for socialism, with an undecided 25%.

When it came to understanding America’s current economic system, voters were split. 28% of people thought America had a generally free market economy, 33% thought it was a partially free market economy, 23% thought it was a partially socialist economy, 7% thought it was a generally socialist economy, leaving 9% unsure.

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