Rashida Tlaib: We Need to Impeach this ‘Lawless President’ and ‘Defund ICE’

“I have to deal with a president who should have been impeached months ago,” said Rep. Rashida Ilaib on the podcast “Pod Save America.”

“At least the inquiry should have happened. I mean, we are dealing with a lawless president. No matter what we pass here, whatever the Supreme Court decisions are — he is going to do what he wants to do because he is kinglike and no one is holding him accountable.”

She also commented on ICE and the situation at the southern border.

“But, I think from day one, many of us came here saying, we want to defund hate. And we want to defund ICE. And we haven’t wavered on those issues and we hold as many of us continue to do, is educate and mobilize people to understand the importance of a real fix to our immigration crisis. not throwing money at a broken system,” said Tlaib.