Rapper 50 Cent does 180 after seeing Joe Biden’s tax plan, ‘Vote for Trump…I’m out’

Rapper 50 Cent did a 180 degree turn after realizing former Vice President Joe Biden’s tax plan for America seems insanely high. He posted his change of heart on Instagram, where he has 26.2 million followers.

“What the F$CK!” he stated. “(Vote for Trump) I’M OUT.”

Read his post below and follow him if you don’t think he has enough followers. But take a look at his Twitter feed posted not too long ago. He was a Biden fan until he realized a Biden administration would be digging deep into his pockets.

This is what he said before he ‘got woke’ to a possible new tax hike of 62 percent.

“Let us pray, lord please don’t let Trump into office,” he tweeted. “We will spin out of control.”