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Qatar is an Arsonist Dressed as a Firefighter, Cannot Be Trusted to Save Hostages



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Qatar is a fraud feigning to bring peace to the Middle East, a consummate arsonist dressed as a firefighter. The Islamist nation harbors the senior leadership of Hamas, yet has positioned itself as a broker attempting to secure the release of the 240 hostages that Hamas kidnapped. By looking into the recent statements of Qatar’s government, religious institutions, and state-run press, it becomes apparent that Qatar is ill-equipped to mediate such a hostage release, as the country is sympathetic to Hamas’ relentless jihadism and bigotry against Jews and Israel. Some examples are the following:


Oct. 7

Right after Hamas’ attack, The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated that it “…holds Israel solely responsible for the ongoing escalation…” [Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Oct. 7, 2023]

Qatar-based and funded International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) called the Hamas attack “an effective development of legitimate resistance, even a mandatory one,” and called on other Islamic states to join Hamas, stating “it is the duty of the Islamic nation to stand with it using all its capabilities, each according to their capacity.” [IUMS, Oct. 7, 2023]

Oct. 8

Multiple Qatari newspapers publish articles with headlines praising the Hamas attack, including:

  • “Al-Aqsa Flood Is Sweeping Israel; Qatar Holds Occupation Responsible, Due to Ongoing Violations of Palestinian People’s Rights” [Al-Arab, Oct. 8, 2023]
  • “Qatar Holds Israel Responsible for Escalation” [Al-Watan, 8, 2023]
  • “Palestinian Resistance Shatters Israel’s Prestige” [Al-Arab, 8, 2023]
  • “Al-Aqsa Flood Shocks Israeli Entity” [Al-Watan, 8, 2023]
  • “Al-Aqsa Flood Shatters Myth of [Invincible] Occupation” [Al-Sharq, Oct. 8, 2023]

Palestinian journalist Samir Al-Barghouti writes in Qatar’s Al-Watan that the Hamas attack is “a first-class, high-quality military operation that sends a message to the occupier…” and that the attack was “…a victory the likes of which has not been achieved since October 1973.” The journalist also likens the Hamas attack to when Prophet Mohammed’s army murdered 100 Jews in the Arabian peninsula for not converting to Islam. [Al-Watan, Oct. 8, 2023]

An editorial in Qatar’s Al-Raya claims the Hamas attack is a “natural response to Israel’s provocations and escalation…” and implores the world to “not place the criminal [i.e., Israel] and the victim [i.e., the Palestinians] on the same footing.”  [Al-Raya, Oct. 8, 2023]

Haber Al-Harmi, editor-in-chief of Qatar’s Al-Sharq, calls the Hamas attack “…a new turning point in the process of liberating Palestine, all of Palestine.”  He also called the attack “a heroic operation” and “…a new phase in the military confrontation…[that]…has revived the Arab peoples’ hope for the complete liberation of Palestinian soil.” [Al-Sharq, Oct. 8, 2023]

Oct. 15

Qatari journalist A’isha Abedan, writing for Qatar’s Al-Sharq, calls Israel “Nazism in new garb.” [Al-Sharq, Oct. 15, 2023]

Oct. 16

Qatar’s Al-Raya publishes a poem written by Jordanian columnist Dr. Ayman Otoom, praising the Hamas attackers as “martyr[s],”“this pure group,” and “heroes,” while the attack is the “beginning of victory, and exaltedness.” [Al-Raya, Oct. 16, 2023]

Oct. 26

Qatari journalist Ibtesam Aal Sa’ad, writing for Qatar’s Al-Sharq, called Israel described “the greatest Nazi force” and its retaliation against Hamas “the Nazi-Israeli war machine.” [Al-Sharq, Oct. 26, 2023]

Qatar-based and funded International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) re-publishes a 2019 article originally published in 2019 by Hamas’ culture ministry claiming that the Prophet Mohammad stated that Muslims must wage jihad with Israel in Ashkelon and/or near Gaza [IUMS, Oct. 26, 2023]

Oct. 29

Palestinian journalist Samir Al-Barghouti in Qatar’s Al-Watan states that Hamas is fighting a “war of an entire nation, and not just of Gaza…This is a religious war, and not a war between armies…,” that “this round will [end with the victory] of [Hamas], since its members are the believers and servants of Allah…” and that “Israel wants to eliminate them in order to temporarily delay the elimination of the Jews.” [Al-Watan, Oct. 29, 2023]

Oct. 31

Qatar-based and funded International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) calls for jihad against Israel, specifically calling for the Palestinian Authority, “all the resistance factions in the West Bank and inside Israel,” Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and “[a]ll Arab and Islamic countries” to provide “[m]ilitary intervention and supply of military equipment and expertise” as “a binding religious obligation.” [IUMS, Oct. 31, 2023]

Qatar, in line with its demented and bigoted rhetoric towards the Jewish state, blames Israel for lack of progress in releasing the hostages, namely the “practices of the Israeli occupation army.” Such rhetoric shows that Qatar ultimately wants to tie Israel’s hands and prevent it from defending itself and crushing Hamas. Additionally, Qatar’s vague promise to “re-evaluate” its relations with Hamas, whatever that means, cannot be trusted. The US and Israel should not be tempted by Qatar’s offering to negotiate the release of the hostages. The only path to peace will be Israel’s complete victory over Hamas.

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Good Riddance to UNRWA as it Supports Hamas



United Nations HQ

Follow Steve Postal: @HebraicMosaic


The head of UNRWA recently accused Israel of waging an “expanded, concerted campaign” to destroy the UN agency. The leader of UNRWA does have a cause for concern, as Israel’s Defense Minister Yoav Gallant stated that UNRWA has “lost legitimacy and can no longer function as a UN body.” UN Watch’s Hillel Neuer stated that “The rot is systemic, and that’s why we’re holding a conference…to replace UNRWA.” And now Congressional Republicans are probing the Biden administration’s decision to restore US funding to UNRWA in 2021, following the Trump administration’s suspension of that funding in 2018.

Good riddance to UNRWA if it ends up folding under pressure; UNRWA and the UN are Hamas apologists at best, and facilitators at worst. For example, the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator actually insisted that “Hamas is not a terrorist group for us,” but merely a “political movement.” And the UN’s Special Rapporteur on the Palestinian Territories, in a rejoinder to the French president calling the October 7 attack “the largest anti-Semitic massacre of our century,” stated that “No, Mr. Macron. The victims of [the October 7 attack] were not killed because of their Judaism, but in response to Israel’s oppression.”

UNRWA Employees Provide Material Support to Hamas, PIJ

Israeli Defense Minister Galant has named 12 specific UNRWA employees who “actively participated” in Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, and also stated that Israel has “significant indications based on intelligence” that implicates “over 30” additional UNRWA employees. Gallant stated that of UNRWA’s 13,000 staff in Gaza, “1,468 workers are known to be active in Hamas and PIJ, 185 UNRWA workers are active in the military branches of Hamas and 51 are active in the PIJ military branch.”

Additional to those numbers are the 30 UNRWA teachers known to have celebrated the October 7 attacks on a UNRWA Telegram group that had 3,000 members.

Hamas’ “Data Center” Found Underneath UNRWA Headquarters

Israel also found a Hamas “data center” under UNRWA’s headquarters in Gaza, equipped with an electrical room, computer servers and rooms where Hamas operatives could work and sleep, and that there were power lines connecting UNRWA’s headquarters to this data center. And surprise, some of the equipment found was made in Iran and China. Interestingly, while the Hamas “data center” contained electronics, a server room in the above-ground UNRWA headquarters had most of its electronics missing, which appears to be indicative of “actions of someone who knew the army was coming and wanted to hide the evidence,” according to Col. Benny Aharon of Israel’s 401st Armored Brigade. After the head of UNRWA denied that UNRWA knew of this data center ahead of time, Israel’s Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) tweeted “Oh, you knew,” and stated that Israel had warned UN officials about the data center but those officials chose to ignore those warnings.

Additional Evidence of Strong UNRWA/Hamas Partnership

Additionally, UN Watch cited instances of UNRWA/Hamas synergy, including that Israel found:

  • At the UNRWA headquarters above ground, weapons and “documents that indicated that the same offices were also used by Hamas”;
  • UNRWA aid bags in Yahya Sinwar’s bunker;
  • UNRWA concrete in Hamas’ tunnels that housed hostages;
  • Missiles and rockets under UNRWA equipment;
  • That Hamas stashed ammunition, explosives, and weapons in UNRWA bags, and that Hamas also had UN vests;
  • That Hamas stored weapons in and fired weapons from a UNRWA school; and
  • That Hamas’ “Ministry of Health” stole 24,000 gallons of fuel from UNRWA.

And to further emphasize the scope of how seriously UNRWA is compromised by Hamas, every single UNRWA “site, school, mosque, [and] kindergarten” that Israel has inspected had weapons, according to Israel’s commander of the 646th Reserve Paratroopers Brigade.

Calls to preserve UNRWA merely deflect away from the “systemic” “rot” found in the organization. Israel should make sure that UNRWA does not operate in any post-war Gaza, as the organization compromises the security of the Jewish state.

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