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Putin tells angry Russian mothers to be ‘proud’ of loved ones



ukraine tanks scaled

Russian mothers who believe their sons have been sent into war by Vladimir Putin as cannon fodder are lashing out at him, desperately seeking an end to the invasion. Russia’s Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers spoke to a Russian investigative news outlet saying many young boys have been pressured and even forced to sign contracts to join the Russian Military.

“Mothers are telling us that their sons have been calling them and saying they’re being forced to sign contracts…the parents who have gotten in touch have told us their sons were just taken by military officers, stamped, and that’ sit – now they’re contract soldiers” said Olga Larkina, the group’s director.

Putin has disputed the claims and addressed the mothers directly. “I’d like to address the mothers, wives, sisters, brides and girlfriends of our soldiers and officers who are in battle now,” he said in a televised address, according to a translation from Russian.

“I know how worried you are for your loved ones…you can be proud of them just as the whole country is proud and feels for them.”

“We were all deceived, all deceived,” a woman shouted at Sergey Tsivilev, governor of the Kuzbass region in Siberia, on a video translated by the Telegraph and shared to social media. “They were sent there as cannon fodder. They are young. They were unprepared.”

Fox News reports:

Putin claimed Russian troops, which he sent in last month in a stalled bid to topple the government in Kyiv, have deployed for a defensive “special military operation.”

He also claimed that “conscripted soldiers” played no role in combat operations in Ukraine and vowed not to mobilize additional reserves.  

However, just days into the invasion last month reports emerged that conscripted soldiers had been forced to sign military contracts and were cut off from communications with their families.

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  1. Alberta Trafficante

    March 9, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Thank God that the American people have been spared Russian propaganda.Conscripted soldiers forced to sign a contract and communications being cut off and then to add insult to injury is Putin telling their mothers they should be proud of their sons! Thank you for letting me know. Gee. Here I thought the Ukranian men who weren’t allowed to evacuate with families not knowing where they are had it bad. Thanks again.

  2. Jim Campbell

    March 9, 2022 at 5:59 pm

    Who cares? Putin’s an asshole, one of the mothers should assassinate him, the world would immediately be a safer place

  3. Barb Nak

    March 10, 2022 at 10:47 am

    Bureaucrats are the same everywhere. This despicable invasion is wrong. War crimes are being committed..the Russian politicians sit back and watch the atrocities, Biden sits in his basement and does God knows what..who suffers, the Ukrainian people, the Russian people and we will soon be suffering, too.

  4. Robin MMeeking

    March 10, 2022 at 10:48 am

    Putin imagined himself to be another Peter The Great. He’s turned out more like Ivan The Terrible. Maybe we should call him Putin The Baby Slayer.

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VIDEO: Russia Moving Missiles Towards Finland Border



Screen Shot 2022 05 16 at 11.47.56 AM

Putin has said in recent years that Finland is considered friendly so long as they do not join NATO. Finland’s President Sauli Niinistö confirmed Sunday he has applied for NATO membership.

MetroUK tweeted chilling video and reported the following:

Russia has started moving nuclear-capable missiles towards its border with Finland hours after Moscow vowed not to tolerate Helsinki’s plans to join Nato.

The Kremlin issued a chilling warning that plans for both Finland and Sweden to sign up to the Atlantic alliance were a ‘grave mistake with far reaching consequences’.

Russian deputy foreign minister, Sergei Ryabkov, said: ‘They should have no illusions that we will simply put up with it,’ and insisted ‘the general level of military tension will rise’.

The video was reportedly taken on a road leading to Vyborg, around 24 miles from the Finnish border, showing the deployment of mobile Iskander missiles.

“Seven launchers are thought to be en route according to commentary on a dash cam video broadcast by Russian media.”

A person on the video can be heard saying: ‘As soon as the president of Finland said they were joining Nato, a whole division of Iskanders, seven of them is moving towards Vyborg.

‘Looks like a new military unit is about to be formed in Vyborg or the region.’

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