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Putin propagandist and State TV host threatens UK with ‘underwater nuclear strike’



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“A single launch, Boris, and there is no England anymore. Once and for all. Why do they play games?” That eerie message came from a Russian state television host who threatened that Britain could be “plunged into the sea” by an underwater nuclear strike.

One of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “key propagandist” Dmitry Kiselyov used his television show to make the threat. Kiselyov said the weapon would trigger a radioactive tidal wave and plunge Britain “to the depths of the ocean”.

He added: “This tidal wave is also a carrier of extremely high doses of radiation. Surging over Britain, it will turn whatever is left of them into radioactive desert, unusable for anything. How do you like this prospect?”

The INDEPENDENT also reported that Kiselyov “also threatened the UK with another weapon, Sarmat 2, which Russia said earlier this month it planned to deploy by autumn. The intercontinental ballistic missiles – that are capable of carrying 10 or more nuclear warheads – would be able to target Europe and the US, experts have warned.

“Why do they threaten vast Russia with nuclear weapons while they are only a small island? The island is so small that one Sarmat missile is enough to drown it once and for all,” Mr Kiselyov said.

“Russian missile Sarmat, the world most powerful is capable of destroying an area the size of Texas or England.


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  1. lu mahalo

    May 3, 2022 at 5:52 pm

    Of course if Putin was dumb enough to this, he and his minions would only have minutes to gloat before Uk’s allies nuked Russia back into the stone age covered with nothing but chared glass.

  2. Wayne

    May 4, 2022 at 9:24 am

    Sara, you’ve done very good reporting in the past, and I respect that. Thank you very much.

    However, when it comes to neutral and unbiased reporting regarding Russia and Russians, you’ve clearly jumped the shark.

    Please dig deep into your soul, and see if you’re practicing real journalism on this subject. I know Lara Logan is, whom I highly respect also.

  3. 2 gun

    May 4, 2022 at 5:21 pm

    It would be much worse for Putin and the gang.

  4. RWoodworth

    May 6, 2022 at 2:29 pm

    Putin dick sucker………… try it, because, don’t bother to pay up your life insurance, because we will get your next of kin. Do you know what it is when I tell you you will be melted to a piece of dog shit?

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Palestinians in Gaza stealing food aid before it can be delivered, ‘nothing getting through’



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The United Nations has proven to be incredibly trustworthy and bias against Israel as it fights for its survival against Hamas. Senior U.N. aid official Edem Wosornu said there were “insufficient supplies and fuel to provide any meaningful level of support to the people of Gaza as they endure Israel’s military onslaught against Hamas militants.”

However, food and medicine for Palestinians in Gaza are piling up in Egypt because the Rafah crossing remains closed and there has been no aid delivered to a U.N. warehouse from a U.S.-built pier for two days, reports Reuters.

National Review explains the issue: the food aid is getting stolen before it can reach the World Food Program warehouse . . . just eight miles away. Once the food aid leaves the pier, the United Nations, international partners, and the “humanitarian community” oversee getting the aid to those who need it most. And they’re getting robbed, hijacked, and mugged.

The Gaza Pier is complete and operational, which is what the Biden administration wanted, allowing for headlines such as: “U.S. military starts delivering aid to Gaza through floating pier” this past weekend. However, “what you’re not as likely to hear about is what happens to the aid after it leaves the pier” writes National Review.

Apparently some Palestinians stole so much of the aid from the first shipments that the following shipments are on hold until authorities can find enough security.

Reuters tells the grim tale:

Aid deliveries began arriving at a U.S.-built pier on Friday as Israel comes under growing global pressure to allow more supplies into the besieged coastal enclave. The U.N. agreed to assist in coordinating aid distribution from the floating pier, but has remained adamant that deliveries by land are the best way to combat the crisis.

The U.N. said that 10 truckloads of food aid – transported from the pier site by U.N. contractors – were received on Friday at a World Food Program warehouse in Deir El Balah in Gaza.

But on Saturday, only five truckloads made it to the warehouse after 11 others were cleaned out by Palestinians during the journey through an area that a U.N. official said has been hard to access with humanitarian aid. [Emphasis added.]

“They’ve not seen trucks for a while,” a U.N. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Reuters. “They just basically mounted on the trucks and helped themselves to some of the food parcels.”

The U.N. did not receive any aid from the pier on Sunday or Monday. “We need to make sure that the necessary security and logistical arrangements are in place before we proceed,” said the U.N. official.

In summation, Palestinians in Gaza stole the food parcels before they could be distributed at the intended destination, and nothing’s gotten through since Saturday.
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