Prominent Pro-Israel, Christian Advocate: ‘President Trump Is The Best Gift That Israel Ever Had’

Friends of Zion (FOZ) founder and evangelical advisor to President Donald Trump Dr. Mike Evans said that the American President is “the best gift that Israel ever had,” in an interview with Israel’s Arutz Sheva. FOZ is one of the largest groups of Christian Zionists. The group’s Facebook page alone has 67 million followers, which Dr. Evans jokingly touted as “larger than Donald Trump’s twitter following.”

“He does what he says. Just look, not only did he recognize Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. He kicked the blank out of Abbas, he sucked the oxygen out of the PA, Taylor Force Act, closed down the anti-semitic consulate, closed down the PLO offices. This guy is the best gift that Israel ever had,” Dr. Evans said.

Dr. Evans is in Jerusalem this week to celebrate the opening of a new FOZ media center. The group is also working to spread its movement across the globe and is empowering pro-Israel advocates on college campuses and in major cities. Moreover, Dr. Evans said the group hopes to empower 100,000 Zionist Christians to ‘combat anti-semitism and defend Israel’s brand.’

In a recent meeting in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman explained to Dr. Evans that he’s turning the tide on anti-semitism and reeducating his people about the State of Israel and the Jewish people.

“You have to expose the devious anti semites who are anti Zionists. It’s the same. Anti Zionism is the new anti semitism,” Evans said.

“By the way, they not only resist Israel, they support Hamas, they support Daesh, ISIS. You have to expose these people, a lot of them and secondly, you have to define the terms of the debate.”

Dr. Evans also renewed FOZ’s commitment to defending the Jewish people’s right to their state, Israel.

“Jews don’t die over land. They never did. They die over being Jews. They were killing Jews before they even had any land and when the land was taken from them 26 different times, they were still killing them because they’re Jews,” Dr. Evans explained.