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Project Veritas Leaks Musk Address to Twitter Employees: ‘It’s Essential to have Free Speech’



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“I think it’s essential to have free speech and for – and to be able to just communicate freely” said Elon Musk.

 Statements made by Musk on June 16 for #TwitterAllHands was published, or “leaked” by Project Veritas. Musk has received death threats and upended the anti-free speech liberal left after discussions of buying Twitter rocked the nation.

Among that *gasp* outrageous things Musk reiterated during the discussion were the following:

“It’s essential to have free speech.”

“Important to represent multiple opinions & not driving a narrative.”

“In order for people to have trust in @Twitter there needs to be transparency.”

On its website, Project Veritas writes of the leak:

Project Veritas has published the recording of an internal Twitter company-wide meeting wherein Elon Musk addressed thousands of Twitter employees and answered questions moderated by Twitter CMO, Leslie Berland.

“I think it’s essential to have free speech,” Musk said on the call after describing his affinity for Twitter.  He added that “multiple opinions” should exist on Twitter to “make sure that we’re not sort of driving a narrative.”

On the call, Musk was asked about his political leanings, his plans for layoffs and the direction of the company. Musk described his political views as “moderate” noting that he traditionally has voted Democrat but voted Republican this week for the first time in his life, voting for Congressional Candidate Mayra Flores in Texas.

He said he believes most of the world favors moderate politics but that the far left and right should be able to voice their frustrations on Twitter.

Musk also discussed his vision for Twitter saying that traditional news media is “negative” and that they “almost never” get it right. He added that bots, spam and multi-account users must be contained.

“I think an important goal for Twitter would be to try to include as, as much of the country, as much of the world as possible,” Musk added.

Musk notes that he’s “not hung up on titles,” but he certainly wants to be the one driving the product change at Twitter. Musk reacted to the news of Project Veritas publishing the recorded meeting on Twitter, by posting “Exactly.”

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Twitter Admits Flaw ‘Exposed Private User Data’ of over 5.4 Million Accounts



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In the battle of  Tesla CEO Elon Musk and giant media tech Twitter, the billionaire could also receive an investigative journalism award for the content that is being exposed.

Twitter was recently forced to admit “that a vulnerability in its code led to the exposure of data of anonymous users on the platform. Private user data on more than 5.4 million accounts was accessed before the company patched the bug that let malicious actors into the system” reports Breitbart News.

Engadget reports that Twitter has confirmed a vulnerability in its code that led to the exposure of anonymous users’ data. In a blog post published on Friday, Twitter stated that a “malicious actor took advantage of a zero-day flaw in its code before it became aware of the issue and patched it in January 2022.”

The beloved blame game. Sounds awfully familiar. Breitbart continues:

The vulnerability was noticed by a security researcher who contacted Twitter via its bug bounty program. Twitter initially said that there was “no evidence” to suggest that the flaw had been exploited, but an individual told Bleeping Computer last month that they had taken advantage of the bug and obtained data on more than 5.4 million accounts.

Twitter stated that it is unable to confirm whether users were affected by the exposure. The vulnerability allows the hacker to determine whether an email address or phone number was linked to an existing Twitter account. The hacker was then able to determine who owned the Twitter account.

“We are publishing this update because we aren’t able to confirm every account that was potentially impacted, and are particularly mindful of people with pseudonymous accounts who can be targeted by state or other actors,” Twitter said. “If you operate a pseudonymous Twitter account, we understand the risks an incident like this can introduce and deeply regret that this happened.”

Twitter stated that it would notify all account owners that it could confirm were affected by the exposure. “The company recommends that users attempting to hide their identity not link a publicly known phone number or email address to an account and to enable two-factor authentication” adds Breitbart.

Breitbart News recently reported on Musk’s countersuit, which just became public:

“Twitter played a months-long game of hide-and-seek to attempt to run out the clock before the Musk Parties could discern the truth about these representations, which they needed to close,” the countersuit alleges. “The more Twitter evaded even simple inquiries, the more the Musk Parties grew to suspect that Twitter had misled them.”

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