Project Veritas launches legal group to ‘defend the defamed’

In a music video announcement Monday, Project Veritas launched its new legal group that will represent those defamed by the media. Project Veritas has been one to launch a number of lawsuits fighting alleged defamation of its own name.

Lanching PV Legal, the group released the following video, titled “OLIGARCHY” starring founder James O’Keefe. The video features sound bites from CNN and the network’s logo makes a number of appearances. O’Keefe recently filed a lawsuit against CNN, claiming that the network maliciously made false allegations that damaged their reputation, as reported.

The lawsuit came after Project Veritas released a batch of undercover videos appearing to show CNN technical director Charlie Chester. Later, O’Keefe and his organization were banned from Twitter.

CNN host Ana Cabrera claimed that Project Veritas was banned for spreading misinformation and later shared in a tweet that it was for “repeated. violations of Twitter’s policies prohibing the sharing – or threats of sharing – of other people’s private information without consent.”

O’Keefe denies any wrongoing.

Project Veritas has also an ongoing lawsuit against The New York Times.

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