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Professor: those who support sending migrants to NYC are ‘racists’



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New York City Mayor Eric Adams and other leaders of large liberal cities such as Muriel Bowser in Washington, DC, are furious that migrants are being sent to their cities from the southern border. Their plan, was simply to create open border policies and allow migrants to flood across the border and overwhelm those states’ resources; they never anticipated having to deal with any consequences.

Now that migrants are being taken to their cities, they are fuming and playing their favorite hand: the race card.

While a guest on MSNBC’s “The Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross”, Christina Greer, an associate professor of political science at Fordham University called Texans and Arizonans who support busing illegal immigrants to New York City “racists”

“Guest host Jason Johnson asked Greer about the price of busing illegal immigrants to New York City, which he claimed to be in the millions for the taxpayers of Texas and Arizona” writes Fox News.

“Right, Jason, I mean, the conservative estimate is about $80,000 per bus trip. But we know that racists don’t mind paying this money,” Greer responded.

“We saw this with our parents and grandparents’ generations when schools were forced to integrate, and they refused, so they would ship African Americans to other states to attend college, because they didn’t want to integrate schools in say South Carolina, or Virginia, or Georgia,” she said.

“So, racists are willing to pay the money and they don’t care if taxpayers pay the brunt,” she continued. How novel, a Democrat concerned about taxpayers.

Greer said that, “I think what’s so disgusting about this is that decent people’s lives, just as Maria said, we have men, women, and children on a bus for days on end not knowing where they’re going and there is no coordination, we know that the governors of these states are only doing this to perform an act, just to try and appease their particular bases even though they’re costing their own taxpayers money.”

Greer argued that “the vast majority of Americas are descendants of people who came from countries like Italy, and Ireland, and Germany, and Poland who were treated in similar ways, but they have forgotten that history and that’s part of the problem of America in that we’re so ahistoric when it comes to how we treat immigrants and how we think about this nation of immigrants.”

“Just over 1,000 migrants have been bused so far to New York City. U.S. Customs and Border Protect saw nearly 200,000 migrant encounters in July” notes Fox News.

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Historic House Vote Expels Rep. George Santos Amidst Scandal



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In a turn of events, the House of Representatives made history on Friday with a vote to expel Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), marking the first such expulsion in over two decades. A moment fraught with gravity unfolded as Speaker Mike Johnson wielded his gavel to formalize Santos’ removal, setting a precedent in congressional annals.

Santos, indicted on 23 counts related to wire fraud, identity theft, and other charges, has not faced conviction but stands accused of misusing campaign funds for opulent purchases. The bipartisan vote, tallying 311 to 114, signaled robust support for expulsion, with a marginally higher number of Republicans opting to retain Santos.

Questions loomed as Speaker Johnson left the chamber, his silence leaving the fate of the ongoing government spending battle uncertain. According to reports from Fox News, Democratic Rep. Steny Hoyer emphasized the non-partisan nature of the decision, asserting that members concluded Santos had tarnished the House’s reputation and was unfit for representation.

Within the GOP, conflicting opinions emerged, with Rep. Darrell Issa arguing against expulsion, citing the presumption of innocence. The tight-lipped stance of the House Ethics Committee played a pivotal role in the deliberations.

Conversely, members of the New York Republican delegation, led by Rep. Marc Molinaro, asserted Santos’ commission of crimes, justifying expulsion based on a comprehensive investigation.

Santos himself predicted the outcome in an exclusive morning interview on “FOX & Friends.” This vote not only underlines the House’s rare use of expulsion powers but also sets a critical precedent in handling members facing severe legal challenges.

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