Prof. Jonathan Turley: We’re All Mad, But ‘This Is Not How You Impeach An American President’

Jonathan Turley, a Constitutional Law Professor at George Washington University, testified before the House Judiciary committee Wednesday as the Republican witness clarifying that he’s not a Trump supporter and that he didn’t even vote for him, but that this impeachment process was wrong. Further, Turley testified that the process sets a dangerous precedent for future impeachments of American presidents.

“We are living in the very period described by Alexander Hamilton. A period of agitated passions. I get it. You’re mad, the President’s mad, my Republican friends are mad, my Democratic friends are mad, my wife is mad, my kids are mad, even my dog seems mad,” Turley said, “We’re all mad. Where has that taken us? Will the slipshod of impeachment make us less mad? Will it only invite an invitation for the madness to follow every future administration? That is why this is wrong.”

“It’s not wrong because President Trump is right. His call was anything but perfect. It’s not wrong because the House has no legitimate reason to investigate the Ukrainian controversy. It’s not wrong because we’re in an election year. There is no good time for impeachment. No, it’s wrong because this is not how you impeach an American president.”

The anger Turley described, however, should not be the basis for impeaching President Donald Trump. It was clear that Democrats were angered by this and they showed that by leaving the only conservative opinion out of their witness questioning.

The Committee’s ranking member Doug Collins pointed to this before beginning his questioning after the committee took a short break. Collins jokingly remarked to Turley, “You’re now well-rested and you got one question.”