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President Trump Picks Kayleigh McEnany As New White House Press Secretary



Kayleigh McEnany, the National Press Secretary for the Donald J. Trump 2020 reelection campaign, has been selected by President Donald Trump as the new Press Secretary for the White House.

She is replacing Stephanie Grisham, who will be returning to her former duties with First Lady Melania Trump’s staff. Grisham will become the First Lady’s Chief of Staff and will be replacing Lindsay Reynolds, who resigned, according to the White House.

McEnany, who was on “The Sara Carter Show” Thursday, said Trump is “undeterred and resolute” in his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“He acted early. Democrats are now on this new talking point saying you know why didn’t he act early while in fact he did on January 6th. He issued a travel advisory against China January 30 for those travel restrictions the same ones that Joe Biden called xenophobic,” McEnany said.

McEnany has been a defender of Trump and is frequently on television and radio shows.
According to reports, she was the first selection by incoming White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, the former Congressman of North Carolina.

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Information emerges on ‘conspiracy-minded former Democratic campaign staffer’ who lit himself on fire outside Trump trial



GettyImages 2147931024 scaled

As the jury selection for former President Donald Trump’s hush-money trial was being finalized, Max Azzarello set himself on fire Friday afternoon outside the Manhattan courthouse. The event was caught on video by multiple media outlets, and police officers can be seen in the videos dousing Azzarello’s body with a fire extinguisher.

National Review reports on the bizarre occurrence:

Azzarello appears to be a conspiracy-minded former Democratic campaign staffer and operations manager who threw pamphlets into the air before self-immolating that directed bystanders to his Substack blog, “The Ponzi Papers.” Azzarello writes on his Substack of a supposed “totalitarian con” and identifies himself as the man who set himself on fire outside of the Trump courthouse.

Azzarello warns of what he believes to be cryptocurrency ponzi scheme being manipulated by economic elites, most notably tech billionaire Peter Thiel. He claims the government is a “secret kleptocracy” full of financial criminals and highlights The Simpsons as a tool supposedly used by elites to brainwash the American people.

His LinkedIn page features a picture of himself with former president Bill Clinton, a subject of his conspiracy theories, and lists his various marketing and operations positions in politics and tech.



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