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Pres. Trump: ‘We’re not gonna let Seattle be occupied by Anarchists’



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In an exclusive interview with Fox News host Harris Faulkner, President Donald Trump sent a clear message to officials in Washington State amid violent riots in Seattle sparked by anarchist-militant groups, saying he will take action if they don’t.

“If there were more toughness, it wouldn’t have the kind of devastation that you had in Minneapolis and then Seattle, Trump explained. “I mean let’s see what’s going on in Seattle. I will tell you if they don’t straighten that situation out, we’re going to straighten it out.”

He added, “What I mean is very simple: we’re not gonna let Seattle be occupied by anarchists. And I’m not calling them protestors.”

Anarchists took control of an area of the city earlier this week declaring it free of police, an “autonomous zone.” The Seattle Police Department and its Democrat lawmakers gave up the area to the anarchist groups, including Antifa.

“We’re not gonna let this happen in Seattle. If we have to go in, we’re gonna go in,” Trump said, adding that the State’s Governor Jay Inslee has National Guard troops available if need be.

“One way or another it’s gonna get done. These people are not gonna occupy a major portion of a great city,” Trump concluded.

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Two-year-old murdered by illegal immigrant with long criminal history in Maryland



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Two-year-old Jeremy Poou Caceres of Maryland was allegedly murdered by an illegal immigrant who was supposed to be deported over a year ago. The Prince George’s County Police Department in Maryland charged El Salvador native Nilson Noel Trejo-Granados with first and second-degree murder, two counts of first-degree assault, second-degree assault, and attempted first and second-degree murder.

A Department of Justice immigration judge in Newark ordered Trejo-Granados’s removal from the U.S. on November 7, 2022. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) said in a statement that Trejo-Granados should have been deported a number of times following that order.

Unfortunately, as National Review reports, “Prince George’s County, where the suspect was arrested, is a sanctuary jurisdiction, meaning it does not cooperate with ICE detainer requests. Neighboring Montgomery County, where Trejo-Granados had previously been arrested on theft charges, is also a sanctuary.”

ICE Baltimore Field Office Director Darius Reeves has previously accused county of “recycling” offenders by failing to notice federal immigration detainers. ICE has issued 119 detainers on individuals in Montgomery County’s custody since October 2023, local news reported.

Poou Caceres was shot and killed in Langley Park on February 8 outside of an apartment complex. Police say that the boy and his 17-year-old mother were caught in the crossfire of a shootout between two groups.

National Review identifies the constant danger liberal policies have placed law-abiding citizens in:

In deep-blue Montgomery County, the struggle between ICE and local law enforcement has raged for years, contributing in-part to the county’s illegal alien crime wave. Most recently, MCPD released an illegal MS-13 gang member, ignoring three ICE detainers. County schools are not required to disclose students’ citizenship statuses — a policy that gained national attention in 2017 when a 14-year-old girl said that she was raped by an 18-year-old illegal immigrant from Guatemala.

Two illegal immigrants were also arrested in the county in 2019 for allegedly raping an eleven-year-old girl on separate occasions. One of them had been issued a “final order of removal” in 2016 by an immigration judge. The other was known to ICE as a “repeat immigration violator” and had already been deported from the U.S. in 2014, to no avail. Nine illegal immigrants were charged by MCPD with rape and sexual assault in July-October of 2019 — the same year that the county enacted a sweeping sanctuary policy.

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