September 29, 2020

Pres. Trump Nominated A Third Time For Nobel Prize

President Donald Trump has received his third nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. This time, he’s being nominated by a group of four Australian professors, who see success in the “Trump doctrine.”

“The Trump doctrine is something extraordinary as so many things that Donald Trump does,” Eminent law professor David Flint (a member of the group nominating Trump) told Sky News Australia Monday.

Flint continued, “He’s guided by two things, which seem to be absent from so many politicians. He has firstly common sense and he’s only guided by national interest. And, therefore, in our circumstances an interest in the Western alliance.”

That “Doctrine” also includes Trump’s promise to end America’s “endless wars” and his brokering of historic Middle East Peace Deals between the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Israel, Flint explained, adding a number of other countries where Trump has cooled tensions and put his own country first.

President Trump was nominated on two separate occasions for the Peace Prize weeks ago.

“Wow,” wrote Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s son and Trump Organization Executive, on Twitter Tuesday. “Now that’s 3 Nobel nominations. Is that record? This one for pulling us out of endless wars, a huge deal that no one else in the DC bubble would have had the guts to do.”

He added, “You know they’ll still give it to antifa or something ridiculous but cool none the less.”

Trump was first nominated on September 9 by Norwegian parliamentarian Christian Tybring-Gjedde and days later on September 11 was nominated by Swedish parliamentarian Magnus Jacobsson.