Pompeo: WHO sided with Chinese and failed to prevent pandemic

By Jenny Goldsberry

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared on Sunday Night in America to talk China with host Trey Gowdy. The interview naturally flowed to the origins of the COVID-19 virus.

“I think the most likely case is it came from this laboratory and then the Chinese Communist Party covered it up,” Pompeo told Gowdy. “They were conducting bioweapons research there, this is really dangerous stuff.”

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Meanwhile, with accusations of starting a global pandemic looming over them, the Wuhan Virology Institute hasn’t slowed down. “As far as I know, that lab is still operating,” Pompeo said.

Gowdy asked Pompeo if the U.S. has any leveraging power with China that would open the door to further investigations. The former Secretary of State said: “we have many.”

“It started for us with getting out of the World Health Organization, an institution that utterly failed in the one job that it had: preventing a pandemic,” Pompeo said. “At a moment of crisis, at the crunch point, they sided with Xi Jinping and the Chinese Communist Party and not with the world and their mission statement.”

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Moreover, Pompeo added that there are economic tools that could arouse cooperation. “You know, the Chinese leadership, Trey, loves nothing better than to have their children study in our schools or their wives come shop here in the U.S.,” Pompeo said. “We have lots of ways to impose real cost on the Chinese Communist Party.”

But, even the former secretary admitted “it’s gonna be difficult because the Chinese Communist Party does not want us to know what happened yet. They began the cover-up at least by early January of 2020 for sure.” He said he hoped to see a “brave Chinese person” who can leak the information someday.

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