Pompeo: If Britain Allows Huawei Technology Into their 5G, We Won’t Share Intel

In an interview with Sky News, the US secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that America will only “participate in trusted networks” that are not “under the control of China”.

Asked about his comments on the decision of UK Prime Minister Theresa May to allow Huawei to participate in Britain’s 5G Network, Pompeo was very strong in his response about America’s stand.

“When it comes to Huawei and ZTE the United States has been cristal clear…we don’t believe you can have those technologies in your systems and still have a trusted network. We are happy to continue to look at technology and see ways to achieve that, but the United States for its part, will only participate in trusted networks…we will only share America’s information with those networks we are confident are not under control of China or China’s government. So there is real risk, that if countries chose to participate in those networks we won’t be able to share sensitive information” said Pompeo.

When specifically asked if Theresa May’s decision could “threaten Britain’s national security relations with United States?”, Pompeo said that “we will find a way, I am very confident that we are two important partners…but we certainly will never put America’s national security secrets in a network we don’t have confidence in”.

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