In a recent poll from Fox News, data has shown an increase in support for President Trump and his policies leading to an increased interest in U.S. Senate battleground races.  Five battleground states were polled and as compared to the polling data from September, there has been an increase in interest amongst GOP Senatorial candidates.

Republicans are up by 2 points in Arizona, 9 points in Indiana, 8 points in both Missouri and North Dakota, 11 points in Tennessee. This polling suggests Republicans are just as interested in the upcoming election as Democrats, seeming to erase any Democrat advantage in these states.





The Senate battle to confirm BrettKavanaughto the U.S. Supreme Court may have contributed to the increase in GOP interest.  In these states, the incumbent Democrats who will likely all vote against Kavanaugh, all see their races tightening and perhaps drumming up more support for Republicans.




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