Poll: Americans Outraged By House Democrats’ Proposed Pay Raise

Sara A. Carter asked her Twitter followers Tuesday to participate in a poll. The question: if they support the House Democrats’ latest proposal to impose a $4,500 pay raise.

Since 2009, Congressional salaries have been frozen at $174,000. Carter asked the American people to share their thoughts. So far, 25,000 people have weighed in overwhelmingly voting “no” to the proposed salary hike. Here’s what the American people are saying…

“What other public servant makes $174k a year? Police officers, Fire fighters, First Responders??? No! #nopayraise”

“They had produced no results. In the business world they would of been fired.”

“Sure, if they vote in term limits”

“Based on their performance, they should get a pay CUT. They already make more than many Americans and their performance is pathetic.”


“Oh. Hell. No!”