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Political Gambit or Defense Strategy? Hunter Biden’s Aggressive Testimony Plans Stir Democratic Intrigue



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As Hunter Biden prepares to testify before the House Oversight Committee, political dynamics within Democratic circles are taking center stage. Politico reports that some Democratic lawmakers are seemingly “betting on the political expediency of sacrificing Hunter,” according to a friend of the president’s son.

Hunter Biden’s decision to adopt a more aggressive stance in agreeing to testify publicly has triggered mixed reactions among Democrats on Capitol Hill. Two Democratic sources mentioned that the politics around Hunter Biden are perceived as “fixed” and that his offensive strategy is considered “all risk, no reward,” according to reports from Fox News. Concerns arise from the perceived lack of defense for Hunter Biden from fellow Democrats, prompting speculation about the political calculations at play.

“Intentionally or not, they’re betting on the political expediency of sacrificing Hunter,” remarked a friend of Hunter’s, highlighting the perceived political maneuvering within the Democratic Party.

Comments from Democratic Reps. Jerry Nadler and Jamie Raskin, acknowledging Hunter Biden’s involvement in “improper” and “unlawful” activities, further fuel the political complexity surrounding the president’s son. However, Raskin has also criticized the investigation into Hunter Biden by GOP Rep. James Comer.

According to a former Biden-Harris 2020 campaign aide, some White House staffers are reportedly “irritated” by Hunter Biden’s plans to be more aggressive, citing concerns about the lack of alignment in tactics and strategy. However, individuals close to the president believe that this approach is long overdue.

Hunter Biden’s legal team keeps the president informed of their moves, emphasizing that the president stays out of his son’s legal affairs. The team communicates major decisions to top White House staff, but the strategy is ultimately determined by Hunter Biden and his lawyers.

Hunter Biden has offered to testify publicly before the House Oversight Committee on December 13, demanding that the proceedings be open to the public. His attorney, Abbe Lowell, expressed concerns about closed-door sessions potentially distorting facts and misinforming the public, advocating for transparency in the testimony.

As Hunter Biden’s legal strategy unfolds, the political balancing act within the Democratic Party continues, with divergent opinions on how to navigate the challenges posed by the president’s son’s legal affairs.

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Canadian-U.S. border illegal crossings up 240% over previous year



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The vulnerability of the northern border of the United States is being weaponized in the war on illegal migration. 2023 saw a 240% increase of individuals apprehended from just one year prior. Not only is the border with Canada significantly longer than its border with Mexico, but its ports of entry are often understaffed while the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is forced to prioritize the southern surge.

According to recent data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in 2023 authorities halted over 12,000 migrants attempting illegal crossings at the Canadian border. The number is a 240% increase from the preceding year when 3,579 individuals were apprehended.

ADN America reports that approximately 70% of the illegal crossings took place along a 295-mile stretch along the northern New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire border called the Swanton Sector.

Chief patrol agent for the sector, Robert Garcia, posted on social media that the 3,100 individuals apprehended were from 55 different countries. 

Garcia wrote “the record-breaking surge of illegal entries from Canada continues in Swanton Sector” and he specifically mentioned that the arrest of 10 Bangladeshi citizens was prompted by a citizen’s report in Champlain, New York.

Surprisingly, ADN reports:

A significant number of those engaging in illegal crossings are Mexicans who exploit the opportunity to fly to Canada without a visa, also avoiding the presence of cartels in their home countries.

Experts suggest that migrants can purchase a $350 one-way plane ticket from Mexico City or Cancun to Montreal or Toronto. This route is perceived as offering a lower likelihood of being turned away compared to those crossing the southern border.

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