Planned Parenthood Wants To Stop Chad Wolf’s Confirmation Over Family Separation Policy

Planned Parenthood Action Fund President and CEO Alexis McGill Johnson said Wednesday that Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf shouldn’t be confirmed by the Senate over several policies, including separating families at the U.S. Mexico border.

Wolf’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee is ongoing Wednesday. He was not immediately available for comment.

The family separation policy has been a tool in addressing a devastating human trafficking network and it’s been policy for years, even under the Obama administration. In 2019, Sara A. Carter and this reporter traveled through rural villages in Guatemala and spoke to residents who confirmed that cartels were ‘recycling’ children to enter the U.S. for nefarious purposes.

Senior Guatemalan government officials, along with sources advocating against child trafficking in the region, told Carter that by not enforcing U.S. policies to stop the flow of illegal migrants the situation became increasingly more dangerous.

In fiscal year 2019, Border Patrol agents found 6,200 fraudulent family members attempting to cross the border.

“Chad Wolf designed the family separation policy that led to thousands of children being illegally separated from their parents,” the abortion advocacy group wrote. “His cruelty to immigrants and disregard for their health and rights is NOT NEW. A vote for Wolf is a vote for family separation. #FreeTheFamilies.”

The tweet may read hypocritical coming from a group that set a record for the number of abortions between 2018 and 2019. During that year, Planned Parenthood performed 345,672 abortions, according to Susan B. Anthony List.

In the past 10 years, Planned Parenthood has performed over 3.3 million abortions, according to the pro-life group.

Still, McGill Johnson argues that Wolf shouldn’t be confirmed because his policy “has proven over and over that he has NO respect for health care access, free speech, or even basic human dignity.”

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