The Pentagon announced Wednesday it’s pledge of $1 billion in border wall funding contracts. The contract for $789 million was granted to SLSCO Ltd. of Galveston, TX for border wall construction in Santa Teresa, New Mexico.

Additionally, another contract worth $187 million was awarded to Barnard Construction Co. Inc. of Bozeman, Montana for wall construction in Yuma, Arizona.

President Trump declared a national emergency in February at the Southern border. There were 361,000 apprehensions in FY2019 alone, according to U.S. Border Patrol data. Moreover, USBP apprehended 92,607 individuals, 53,077 of which were family units and 30,555 were unaccompanied children last month.

Earlier this week, Kirstjen Nielsen stepped down from her post as Homeland Security Secretary. “I share the president’s goal of securing the border,” were Nielsen’s parting words. Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan spoke Tuesday with Fox News’ Bret Baier. Shanahan acknowledged that the “situation is deteriorating” at our Southern Border. Moreover, Shanahan described “intense discussions” between the Department of Defense and the White House.