House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters Thursday that the focus of a coronavirus relief package should be on Americans suffering from the public health crisis of coronavirus, both medically and economically, and not “anything else.”

“This is all about the Coronavirus, it’s not about anything else.” Pelosi said, “It’s about the coronavirus. So this is temporary for this period of time.”

Pelosi earlier attempted to hide a progressive agenda in the bill, but some of those additions were struck down in the Senate. The bill still, however, provides $25 million to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C.

With the fate of the coronavirus relief bill in the hands of the House, Pelosi says she’s confident it will pass.

Her initial issue with the bill was that it prioritized large corporations over workers and families, but Pelosi said Thursday that she’s seen that change.

The House will likely vote on the bill Friday morning. Pelosi says that although she doesn’t expect a unanimous vote, she expects it to pass with bi-partisan support.

Pelosi added, “We will have a victory tomorrow for America’s workers. If somebody has a different point of view, they can put it in the record, but we’re not worried about that.”

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