Pelosi: State of The Union Is “So Unimportant” To The American People

House Majority Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Jan. 4, 2019.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Thursday the State of the Union is “unimportant” to the American people. She added that she’s happy President Trump postponed the address until after the government shutdown ends.

Pelosi isn’t budging. She refuses to accept any offer made by the White House to negotiate. On Wednesday, she also denied Trump the use of the House Chamber for the SOTU address. Originally Pelosi was concerned that DHS and Secret Service would not have the funding to properly secure the event. The accusation was denied by the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security officials who assured the speaker that law enforcement was well prepared to handle security.

SOTU: “It is so unimportant in the lives of the American people,” Nancy Pelosi

By Thursday, Pelosi’s reason to postpone the SOTU was not about security but instead about Trump.

“Last night the president accepted the fact that the State of the Union should be at a time when government is not shut down,” she said.

“I’m glad we could get that off the table,” she added. “It is so unimportant in the lives of the American people in terms of especially those who are victims of the shutdown, hostages to the president’s applause line in a campaign speech.”

“Thank goodness we have put that matter to rest and we can get on to the subject at hand, open up government so we can negotiate how best to protect our borders,” she added.

Pelosi Dismisses Rumors 

Rumors circulated among in the media this week that House Democrats are working on a resolution to negotiate with Trump behind the scenes.
Pelosi tried to dismiss the rumors, saying “that’s not true. That’s not true. That’s not true.”
Democrats have not changed their position on negotiating with the president, Pelosi said. Negotiations will happen only after the government shutdown ends, she said.

Trump slammed Pelosi on Wednesday calling her a “radical” Democrat. He emphasized that any deal must include the $5.7 billion he’s requested for the border wall.