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Pelosi calls for diplomatic boycott of Beijing Olympics



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During a bipartisan congressional hearing on Tuesday, Speaker of the House Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) asked her fellow members to boycott the Beijing Olympics in February.

“Here’s what I propose – and join those who are proposing – is a diplomatic boycott,” Pelosi said, asking that “lead countries of the world withhold their attendance at the Olympics.”

Those who have already called for a boycott include coalitions of Uyghurs, Tibetan and Hong Kongers. Among them are the World Uyghur Congress, Campaign for Uyghurs, Students for a Free Tibet, Tibet Action Institute, We The Hongkongers, Southern Mongolian Human Rights Information Center, China Against the Death Penalty, and Keep Taiwan Free.

“Let’s not honor the Chinese government by having heads of state go to China,” Pelosi said.

“For heads of state to go to China in light of a genocide that is ongoing – while you’re sitting there in your seat – really begs the question, what moral authority do you have to speak again about human rights any place in the world?” she said.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recognized the acts against Uyghurs in the People’s Republic of China as a genocide back in January.

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Analysis: Biden unlikely to sanction Iran’s oil exports, gas prices ‘critical during an election year’



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Analysts say President Joe Biden is unlikely to “prompt dramatic sanctions action on Iran’s oil exports” due to “worries about boosting oil prices and angering top buyer China” according to Reuters.

Speaking to Fox News on Sunday, House Republican Representative Steve Scalise, said the administration had made it easier for Iran to sell its oil, generating revenues that were being used to “go fund terrorist activity.”

The Biden administration has maintained for months that among its primary goals is to keep the Gaza conflict between terror group Hamas and Israel from turning into a wider regional war. However, House Republican leaders accused President Joe Biden of failing to enforce existing measures and said they would take up this week a series of bills to sharpen sanctions on Iran.

Kimberly Donovan, a sanctions and anti-money laundering expert at the Atlantic Council, said that oil-related sanctions have not been strictly enforced in the past couple of years.

“I would not expect the administration to tighten enforcement in response to Iran’s missile and drone attacks against Israel over the weekend, mainly for concerns (that) could lead to increases in oil prices,” she said.

“The price of oil and ultimately the prices of gas at the pump become critical during an election year.”
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