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Pelosi calls for ‘an intervention’ over Trump’s ‘denial’ about COVID-19



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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a Wednesday interview on ABC’s The View said that Americans “should be concerned” about President Donald Trump‘s denial about the seriousness of the novel coronavirus.

“I think we should be concerned because of the virus and its viciousness,” said the highest-ranking Democrat, “but also because of the denial that the president is in, saying things like ‘Don’t worry about it,’… ‘Don’t be afraid of it,’ and all that because people have lost their loved ones.”

President Trump, in his Monday tweet announcing that he would be returning to the White House after receiving treatment for his COVID-19 diagnosis, also urged Americans to not “be afraid of Covid” and to not “let it dominate your life.” Many commentators and experts lambasted him for these remarks, saying that they were insensitive to the pain felt by the loved ones of the over 210,000 Americans that have been killed by the virus and that they underplay the severity of the virus.

Throughout the entirety of the pandemic, Democrats and many health experts have criticized the president for his overall handling of the virus. And Speaker Pelosi has joined in those calls and on Wednesday she did so by suggesting that the president’s team should stage an intervention for him.

“I think that there has to be an intervention in terms of people around him just saying ‘For the good of the country, so that no more people get infected and die, we have to have a plan that recognizes the danger [of the virus]’.” she said, “and the danger struck right into the Oval Office.”

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump announced Thursday evening that they had both tested positive for COVID-19. Immediately after this news, a wave of White House-related officials and other prominent politicians and officials in Washington, DC announced that they have also tested positive and would enter quarantine.

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Local TX developer accused of selling land to illegal immigrants creating entire town with ‘four cartels operating there’



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Roughly 20 miles northeast of Downtown Houston, Texas, is an entire town where cartels are operating from due to a local developer selling land to border crossers without any paperwork. William ‘Trey’ Harris has been accused of “creating a sprawling illegal migrant town” by “allowing buyers to purchase land without the need to prove income or credit” reports The Daily Mail. 

As a result of selling the plots at Colony Ridge without any documentation, an estimated 75,000 people, primarily illegal immigrants, have been able to buy homes and create a town which The Daily Mail reports has at least four separate cartels operating from. The settlement area is approximately 60 square miles in size, and has been developed by Harris through his company Terrano Houston, which uses Spanish language marketing.

Senior National Security Fellow Todd Bensman claimed Harris has been selling off plots direct to a borrowers for a few hundred dollars without conducting any background checks.

A statement on behalf of the company said: ‘The safety of our communities is our foremost goal, and all of our subdivision plots, roads and other infrastructure are built to code and approved by County engineering teams…Our developments have put the American Dream of home ownership within reach for tens of thousands of middle- and working-class Texas families.”

The statement continues: “In addition to these homes, we are also proud of our efforts to improve local infrastructure and bring businesses to the area, as well as our work with local public and charter schools to improve education for our residents’ children and our work with local law enforcement to enhance public safety.”

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