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Pelosi, Biden say Government Spending is ‘Reducing the National Debt,’ also Blame ‘Putin’s Gas Hike’



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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi counts on the fact that her constituents and Democrats are too dumb to do their own research. She knows the likelihood is that people will not take time out of their busy, stressful and chaotic lives to fact check what she says. And so, she says anything.

During a 2022 House Democratic issues Conference Friday, Pelosi discussed the record gas prices Americans are suffering at the pump, as well as inflation and painful prices. However, she blamed it all on Putin.

Pelosi went so far as to actually label everything as Putin’s: “Putin’s tax” and “Putin’s gas hike.” Wow, Democrats haven’t given Putin so much power in the United States since he overwhelmingly elected Donald Trump. Oh wait; that wasn’t true either.

Pelosi argued global inflation “starts with [Russian President Vladimir] Putin” but we could combat it with increased U.S. government spending on domestic social programs. Pelosi demanded passing President Biden’s Build Back Better Act would help things out.

The Build Back Better Act, a multi-trillion-dollar social policy bill, was struck down in Congress well before Putin invaded Ukraine because it’s a terrible idea. Not for delusional Pelosi. “So when we’re having this discussion, it’s important to dispel some of those who say, well it’s the government spending – no, it isn’t,” said Pelosi. “The government spending is doing the exact reverse, reducing the national debt. It is not inflationary.”

“We’re paying very close attention to it, but this starts with Putin because the global inflation for reasons beyond the gas price,” she continued. “Global inflation is something that we have to deal with globally, but we have our responsibility to deal with it at home, and we have legislation that does just that, by increasing supply and, again, creating jobs in a way that is not adding to inflation.”

Also on Friday, President Biden said at a Democratic retreat in Philadelphia “I’m sick of this stuff” gesturing with his hands to suggest he’d had it up to his neck. “The American people think the reason for inflation is the government spending more money. Simply not true.”

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  1. Deborah A Gelabert

    March 15, 2022 at 9:16 am

    Pelosi, Biden, AOC, should be ashamed! Especially Biden and Pekisi.


    March 15, 2022 at 9:35 am

    will they ever stop lying ? will democrats ever get smart to their crap.Will Pelosi ever sober up. Will Biden ever be right on anything?

  3. Elizabeth Cheever

    March 15, 2022 at 11:02 am

    It would be so refreshing if Nancy Pelosi would stop lying just like all the others in the Democratic party and any Republicans that might be involved in their deliberate, intentional, and purposeful destruction of the United States of America through open-border policy, their push for Green America, etc. The United States of America needs REAL and new leadership! Wake up America…young, old, middle age, WAKE UP! Our politicians are insulting, for the most part are an embarrassment and sure aren’t putting the American citizens first.

  4. Don Bassett

    March 15, 2022 at 5:20 pm

    On a personal note, if I spend more money than I make/have, we I become debt free?

  5. Dennis Vergason

    March 16, 2022 at 9:11 am

    They just live in a deluded parallel universe

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No help at our border, but Biden announces $5 billion going to bike paths, wider sidewalks



Screen Shot 2021 04 27 at 3.00.48 PM

In the world of Democrat delusion, they think $5 billion is necessary, at this point in time, to make bike paths and widen side walks. You cannot make this up. They have approved $40 billion in aide to Ukraine in a heartbeat under President Biden, while having rejected former President Trump’s request for a mere $5 billion to secure our border.

The news also comes as fentanyl and the drug overdoses are the number one cause of death in the U.S. There’s also an increase in human smuggling and extortion to pay to cross the border. But no; let’s make some bike paths and widen sidewalks. That is an immediate emergency.

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced Monday that money will be used over five years under his department’s new “Safe Streets & Roads for All” program. The $5 billion ini federals funds will be used “to slow down cars chia more speed cameras, carve out bike paths and wider sidewalks and urging commuters to public transit” reports Daily Mail.

“The aim will be to provide a direct infusion of federal cash to communities that pledge to promote safety for the multiple users of a roadway, particularly pedestrians and bicyclists.” The announcement also coincides with the six-month anniversary of President Biden’s infrastructure legislation, and the beginning of the 2022 “infrastructure week.”

The desire to fix roads is a noble one, as “road traffic injuries also are the leading cause of death among young people aged 5-29. Young adults aged 15-4 account for more than half of all road deaths” reports Daily Mail, which adds:

Still, much of the federal roadmap relies on cooperation from cities and states, and it could take months if not years to fully implement with discernible results – too late to soothe 2022 midterm voters unsettled by this and other pandemic-related ills, such as rising crime.

The latest U.S. guidance Monday invites cities and localities to sketch out safety plans in their applications for the federal grants, which are to be awarded late this year.

It cites examples of good projects as those that promise to transform a high-crash roadway, such as by adding rumble strips to slow cars or installing speed cameras, which the department says could provide more equitable enforcement than police traffic stops; flashing beacons for pedestrian crosswalks; new ‘safe routes’ via sidewalks or other protected pathways to school or public transit in underserved communities; and other ‘quick build’ roadway changes designed with community input.

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