Pelosi allocates $1 million for ‘Courage Museum’ that lauds Blasey Ford

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) proposed funding $1 million towards a “Courage Museum” with plans to laud Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to the House Appropriations Committee. All proposals were due to the committee on Friday but made public on Monday.

The organization behind the museum is Futures Without Violence, an organization dedicated to social justice. FWV has previously released statements to express their “strong support and appreciation of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford for her willingness to speak out” regarding her sexual assault allegations against Justice Brent Kavanaugh. On their website, it reads “we believe that it is both Dr. Ford’s right and a public service for her to tell her story in a public forum and have it heard and judged on its merits.”

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In February, FWV gave Ford a “Courage Award.” Ford also spoke at a fundraiser for the organization and was met with a standing ovation. Since the Kavanaugh hearings, Ford has rarely made public appearances. In a press release, she said she stepped into the spotlight because she believed in FWV’s mission.

“There are some organizations with values that align with mine,” Ford said. “I learned about the work of Futures and the Courage Museum, I am very honored to be here.”

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Since FWV proposed the museum to the city of San Fransisco in February, the organization has promised to “honor” Ford.

Jake Barton, who designed the National 9/11 Memorial and Museum and Legacy Museum, will design Futures Without Violence’s latest project. It would be his first project on the West Coast.

The committee will review all proposals after the Biden administration publishes its budget.

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