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Pastor Scott On Calls To Reduce Police Presence: Criminals ‘would enjoy nothing better’



pastor darell scott

Pastor Darrell Scott, founder of the New Spirit Revival Center and author of the book “Nothing to Lose,” testified Wednesday before the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on police reform in the wake of George Floyd’s tragic death. During his opening statement, Scott made very clear to committee members that calls to defund the police amid nationwide anger and protests aren’t the solution to a problem of bad policing that he says rests in a small portion of “rogue” cops.

“I want to begin by stating that the prospect of defunding and, or dismantling police forces across the country is one of the most unwise, irresponsible proposals by American politicians in our nation’s history,” Pastor Scott said. “And makes absolutely no sense at all at least to me.”

“I believe it is nothing short of the politicizing of current social events and an effort to garner votes during this election season. I also believe that it’s a reactionary measure that can and will result in short and longterm damage to American society, particularly in our inner city and urban communities.”

Recognizing the reality of law enforcement officers’ use of “excessive force” and “physical retaliation,” Scott added that he’s been fearful of being targeted for his race by police

He added, “I could very easily have been George Floyd. George Floyd could’ve easily been me, my brothers, my friends, or any number of any other black men in America. However, I do not recommend throwing the baby out with the bathwater by labeling all police officers as bad cops simply because of the bad actions of a rogue segment of those whose job is supposed to be to protect and to serve American citizens.”

Scott also advocated for the government to increase funding to police departments serving inner cities across the nation, adding “As one who was formerly in that street life years ago, I might be a pastor, but I didn’t come down from heaven. I came up out of hell with the rest of everybody else. I was formerly in that street life. I know very much about the criminal element. And I can state definitively that the criminal element in and of society would enjoy nothing better than a reduction in police presence and police power.”

Without police, Scott explained, there would potentially be a rise in “domestic terrorism, mob rule, gang rule, neighborhood intimidation, oppression, and vigilanteism.” Concluding his remarks, Scott said that police reform needs to be enacted, but that it has to be “sensitive to both sides of that issue.”

Correction: An earlier version of this story said that Mr. Scott spoke before the House Oversight Committee when he actually spoke before the House Judiciary Committee.

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